6 Ways To Blow Your Noise Quietly

If you, or someone you know, sounds like a trumpet every time you blow their nose then here are 6 tips you can utilize to help you blow your nose quietly:

1. Gently Blow One Nostril At A Time

Close one of your nostrils by pressing it shut using your finger.

Then gently blow through the other nostril into a tissue.

Doing this means you will only need to use half the force that you would to clear both nostrils at the same time making it 50% quieter.

2. Use Nasal Lubricant

One of the reasons why you may feel you need to blow your nose hard is to dislodge dry crusted mucus.

To make the process of blowing your nose far quieter use a nasal solution to lubricate your nose.

This will loosen dried-up mucus allowing you to blow it out gently and quietly.

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3. Don’t Blow Hard

Blowing your nose hard creates far more noise than a gentle blow.

The trouble with blowing your nose gently is that while it is quiet it seems to be far less effective at clearing the nose.

You may have to do it 5 or 6 times as often as a hard blow.

However, there are plenty of reasons why blowing your nose gently is preferable:

  • Hard blows can propel mucus into the sinuses and inner ear which can cause infections.
  • In extreme cases, hard blows can rupture the eardrum.
  • Hard blows can cause vessels in the nose or sinuses to rupture creating a nose bleed.

While you will have to blow your nose more often if you do it gently you will create far less noise and will avoid causing any undesirable complications.

4. Use Lots Of Tissue

Another way to reduce nose blowing volume is to use plenty of tissue.

Don’t be tempted to use it sparingly.

If you don’t use enough tissue when blowing your nose:

  • You may tear through the paper
  • There is less tissue to dampen the noise

The end result will be far noisier and far less hygenic, so use plenty of tissue!

5. Leave The Room

Removing yourself from a busy space is the easiest and most obvious way of reducing the impact of the noise made by blowing your nose.

As well as being noisy, sneezing and blowing your nose are two of the primary ways that droplets get into the air and give other people your cold, flu or even Covid-19. Anyone within a couple of meters of you could potentially catch something if you blow your nose or sneeze.

Keeping your distance from others is not only the best way to avoid disturbing them with noise but it is always the best way of ensuring their safety from infectious particles.

If you’re in a class or meeting it is unlikely (especially post 2020) that anyone will object if you excuse yourself for a few minutes to blow your nose.

6. Reduce The Impact Of The Noise

If you absolutely can’t leave the room then turn away from everyone when you blow your nose.

This will make it seem quieter, is more hygenic and is the polite way of properly blowing your nose.

You should also wait for the right moment, when everyone is focused on what a teacher is saying would not be a good moment.

Instead wait for a time when everyone is chatting amongst themselves or there is a louder noise (such as a bell ringing) to cover you.

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