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14 Of The Best Car Sound Deadening Materials

If driving in your car sounds like a can full of pennies that have been left on top of a washing machine then you definitely need to invest in either a new car…or some of the best automotive sound deadening materials available to make driving in your car at least slightly bearable. If you’re in […]

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How To Make Any Exhaust Quieter

A noisy exhaust can take all the fun out of driving unless of course you’re driving a sports car and the ear-splitting roar of the exhaust is a visceral part of it all! If you’re reading this article chances are you don’t own a Lamborghini Gallardo, instead you probably own something a bit tamer and […]

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How to Soundproof A Car & Reduce Road Noise

If your car has a few years on it (like mine) chances are that it is near impossible for you to have a conversation at normal speaking volume while driving down a gravelly road or rumbling along the motorway. Driving creates a lot of vibrations which, unless your car is well cushioned, oiled and insulated, […]

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