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acoustic wallpaper

Soundproof Acoustic Wallpaper: Fact Or Fiction?

Soundproof wallpapers sound too good to be true, the concept is simple enough; dense paper which can be pasted onto the wall, just like any other wallpaper but which will help dampen sound coming into the room. Let’s be clear; no paper, no matter how thick it is, will transform any room from sounding like […]

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tents at a music festival

Soundproof Tents: Do They Exist And Are They Any Good?

If you’ve ever been to a weekend music festival you may well have wished you owned a soundproof tent when the time came to sleep because getting a decent big of shut eye in a normal tent is little more than a highly improbable fantasy at any festival. Pounding music and noisy festival goers make trying to […]

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two builders stood outside a house

The 12 Best Soundproofing Materials For Blocking Noise

The success of every soundproofing project is heavily dependant on the materials you use. Use poor quality materials and vibrations and airborne sound will travel through into your room with ease, leaving you frustrated that you can still hear your neighbour arguing or your sons awful music! Investing in good quality materials is essential if […]

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white curtains with small plant on the windowsill

The Best Soundproof Curtains – How Effective Are They?

Soundproofing is expensive and time consuming, however curtains are cheap and quick to put up. By simply switching your existing curtains to soundproofing curtains (also known as sound dampening curtains) you can save considerable time and money. Soundproof curtains are curtains which help to reduce sound transfer into your room. However before you get over […]

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