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How To Soundproof a Room Cheap – 9 Foolproof Methods

Soundproofing a room needn’t be expensive…though it can quickly become very expensive if you go down the route of removing stud walls and ceilings to fit various top end soundproofing materials. Soundproofing a room can be done effectively on a very small budget especially if you are willing to do the work yourself…don’t worry all […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Soundproofing Your Basement

Far too often the basement is a cold, damp wasted space. This is such a pity as it could be a wonderful spacious room for whatever purpose you desire. One reason the basement is often neglected is that it is a noisy place. Often there is no ceiling and you just have bare rafters. Not […]

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How To Soundproof A Ceiling: A Simple Guide

Noise travels very easily between floors. Most floors are built on wooden joists with panels or floorboards placed across them and plasterboard nailed to the underside to create the ceiling. This means that vibrations can travel directly through the floorboards into the ceiling joists and through your ceiling. This isn’t great if you have a […]

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how to soundproof a door

How To Soundproof A Door: Complete 10 Step Guide

Doors are often the weak link in any room when it comes to soundproofing any yet they are often overlooked in large scale soundproofing projects. Before your take on your walls, floors or ceilings the door is the first thing you should soundproof. This is because doors can be a big sound leak as noise […]

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The Complete Guide To Soundproofing A Floor

Before you start ripping up your floor be aware that there is absolutely no need to soundproof your floor if there isn’t a room beneath you…if there is a room below you then carry on reading! Most floors are built from either timber or concrete. Concrete floors are excellent at preventing air borne noise from […]

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How To Soundproof Your Windows

Windows are often forgotten when it comes to soundproofing a room, this is because it is easy to forget that people outside your house may be disturbed by the noise you plan on unleashing. Soundproofing your windows will ensure that you can maintain a vaguely amicable relationship with your neighbours even after a noisy party! […]

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open wall packed with insulation

How To Soundproof A Wall – Stud Walls & Party Brick Walls

Soundproofing your walls is crucial to effectively soundproofing any room. Walls take up the most surface area in any room so there are plenty of opportunities for sound to leak through all over the place. Because of the size of your walls soundproofing them is likely to make a far more significant impact than soundproofing […]

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