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Quiet Bike Turbo Trainers: For Silent Apartment Training

When it comes to bike training you can’t beat the open road.  Unfortunately the problem with the open road is that sometimes it is full of traffic and bad weather can make it dangerous and unpleasant to ride on.If you’re in a rush check out the table below for some of the best quiet bike trainers: A […]

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5 Best Quiet Ellipticals For Apartment Use

Ellipticals (also known as cross-trainers) provide an excellent full-body workout and, compared to running on a treadmill (read our article on quiet treadmills if that is of interest to you), is a much quieter form of exercise.If you’re short of time here is our table of 5 of the best quiet ellipticals:  If you live in an […]

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The 6 Best Quiet Exercise Bikes For Apartment Training

Exercise bikes are generally thought of as being a fairly quiet form of exercise. But this is not always the case. If your exercise bike has a heavy flywheel and you use it on a hard wooden or tiled floor then significant vibrations will be generated which will easily be heard through in the room below and […]

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man using a rowing machine

Quiet Rowing Machines For Apartment Use

 Rowing is an excellent way to keep fit and, compared to running on a treadmill (read our article on quiet treadmills if you prefer running to rowing), it is a relatively quiet form of exercise.   However if you live in a small apartment with thin stud walls then some rowing machines may be too noisy to […]

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