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supersonic jet breaking the sound speed barrier

How The Speed of Sound Changes In Different Materials

The speed that sound travels largely depends on the material type. For example, sound waves travel fastest when they are moving through solids and tend to travel a lot slower when moving through gases and liquids. This is a very broad summary as it’s not only the type of material that makes a difference to […]

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man playing music on a stereo

How Late Can You Play Loud Music?

In the U.S & U.K night hours are specified as being between 11pm and 7am. Between these hours there are set noise levels which should not be exceeded. Other countries have different rules (and some have no rules at all) but in most western countries between the hours of 11pm – 7am you should keep […]

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carboard egg carton

Soundproofing with Egg Cartons: Is it possible?

If you have been searching for a low-cost soundproofing solution you are likely to sooner or later stumble across the idea that you can soundproof a room using egg cartons. However, before you start buying more eggs than you can eat and transform your home into a recycling centre be aware that egg cartons are […]

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cosy blankets

How To Soundproof A Room With Blankets

Blankets can make a huge difference to the acoustics of a room if you use them correctly. They can be an effective method of getting a cheap and temporary solution to an immediate noise problem. If you live in student halls or rented accommodation where you can’t really take on a big soundproofing project, or […]

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How To Make A Room Fan Quieter: 8 Tips

Rotating fans are a cheaper cooling and ventilation alternative to air conditioning. However, through time, wear and tear can cause them to make buzzing or rattling noises while operating. Before you go and buy yourself a brand new quiet desk fan you should know that most fans are relatively simple machines that can usually be […]

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How Does Soundproofing Work?

Soundproofing works by tackling the two ways in which sound travels; through the air (airborne noise) and through physical things via vibrations (impact noise). What is Soundproofing? The dictionary definition of soundproofing is “to prevent sound from coming into a room or building, or from being heard outside it”. The golden rules of soundproofing are: […]

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