Garage Door Seals: Thresholds, Weather, Side & Bottom Seals

A garage door seal is a simple piece of kit usually made from a combination of aluminium and thermoplastic, rubber or vinyl.

If you’re in a rush check out the best garage door bottom seals below:

..and the best garage door side seals here:

Garage seals are designed to stop things from entering (or leaving your garage). They can prevent dust, dirt, water, snow, rodents, air and even sound getting into your garage.

If you plan on using your garage as a gym, music room or just want to keep it clean and securely closed then a garage seal is essential.

To seal your garage door completely you will need a bottom seal and side seals.

Garage Door Bottom Seals

Garage door bottom seals (also known as garage floor seals) seal the space between the threshold of your garage door and the door bottom itself. They create a seal between the door and the floor when the door is closed against them.

There are a number of different types of garage door bottom seals:

  • Brush strip seals – there are exactly what they sound like, a brush which attacks to the inside of your door bottom. When the door closes the brush the ground creating a tight seal between the door and the floor. These are not great at stopping water getting in though and also will drip water on your head if they do get wet.
  • Multi seals – multi seals are a quick and cheap way of sealing your entire garage door. They usually feature a rubber seal with a peel-off sticky back which sticks to the inside of your door (bottom and sides) to close up gaps.
  • Threshold seals – threshold seals are the best type of seals to use for garage door bottoms as (providing they are properly installed) they prevent all water getting in. They should be stuck across your door threshold using floor sealant.
  • Rubber blade seals – Rubber blade seals work in much the same way as brush strip seals but instead of a brush they have a rubber blade which creates a seal with the ground when the door is closed.

They are particularly useful if your garage entrance is at the bottom of a slope where water collects as they create a watertight (and airtight) seal which prevents water leaking under your garage door.

Read our guide for information on how to install a seal.

The Best Garage Door Bottom Seals:

Not all garage door bottom seals are created equal, this may surprise you given that they all look more or less the same but there is a huge difference between a cheap seal and a good quality one.

A good seal does not allow water to leak under it, is non-slip, is eco-friendly and will not perish or fade when exposed to the weather.

Here are three of the very best garage door bottom seal products available to suit a range of budgets:

1. The Weather Defender Ultimate

Weather Defender Original Ultimate Garage Door Threshold Floor Seal 16'5'
706 Reviews
Weather Defender Original Ultimate Garage Door Threshold Floor Seal 16'5"
  • Easy to fit, with instant results. Prevents the ingress of water, leaves, dust, debris
  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications, and suitable for all door types and vehicle types
  • Made from ECO friendly PVC. Integrated bright yellow safety strip

Weather Defender are a UK based company with over 40 years experiences in the garage door industry. It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

Their door seal is 16.7mm high and is specially designed to create an impenetrable barrier between the floor and the seal meaning no water will get under it (as can happen with low-quality seals).

It works seamlessly with all garage door types including side hinged doors, up and over doors, sectional doors and roller doors (read our article on quiet garage door rollers for tips on making these types of door quieter). It has a few features which help it stand out from the crowd making it worthy of our top spot, these are:

  • Ridges to prevent slips.
  • The front lip can be torn off if the gap under your garage door is too small to accommodate it.
  • Made from eco-friendly PVC.
  • Available in 11 different lengths.

2. Garadry Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit

¾” High Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit 10'3' Length | Flexible PVC | Complete Kit Includes 1...
300 Reviews
¾” High Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit 10'3" Length | Flexible PVC | Complete Kit Includes 1...
  • All-in-one solution that prevents water, wind-driven rain, leaves, dust, vermin, and debris from entering the garage
  • Made from heavy-duty, superior PVC: Unlike rubber products will not degrade with prolonged contact with water and suitable for all seasons
  • Supplied with GaraDry Adhesive: Specially formulated, multi-purpose adhesive & sealant specifically for use with GaraDry thresholds

Garadry threshold seals are made with a special high-strength polyvinyl chloride which, when sealed to the floor with the Garadry floor sealant creates a 100% watertight garage door threshold.

PVC is much better than rubber in this instance because it is UV resistant and therefore does not perish as quickly as rubber would so you can be confident you will get many years of service out of it.

They can also be recycled, do not have that horrible rubbery smell and will not lose color or rot as rubber often does.

3. The Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal

Universal 20ft Garage Door Seal Bottom Threshold Seal, DIY Rubber Weather Stripping Replacement Easy...
921 Reviews
Universal 20ft Garage Door Seal Bottom Threshold Seal, DIY Rubber Weather Stripping Replacement Easy...
  • ✔️【EASY TO CUT】Up to 20' long ( about 6.1 meters ), you could cut this strip to adapt your floor threshold less than 6 meters. 3-1/2"(3.5 Inches) width, 20Ft long.
  • ✔️【KEEP GARAGE CLEAN AND DRY】 – This seal is specifically designed to prevent leaves, dirt, grass, wind driven rain, and snow from entering your garage when closed. Reduces the damaging...
  • ✔️【EXCELLENT DURABILITY 】The EPDM Rubber material is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperature exposures, punishing weather conditions and being driven over daily. This seal will...

The Universal Garage Door Defender is a solid budget option.

Be aware that this product is made from EDPM rubber which tends to be less durable than PVC sealants, that said it will last a long time as EDPM is a synthetic rubber designed to be extremely durable for use outdoors.

It can withstand extreme heat (both hot and cold) without cracking or splitting.

Garage Door Side Seals

Side seals close up any gaps between your door frame and garage door.

They should be fitted on your door frame in a way that allows the seal to be in contact with the garage door when closed.

Side seals are particularly good at preventing damp and wind from getting through, they can also contribute (slightly) towards soundproofing your garage.

The Best Garage Door Side Seals:

If you’re looking for good quality, reliable garage door seals at a reasonable price then below are three of the best products.

Be aware that a door seal is only effective when it is installed correctly, a poor installation job will render even the very best of seals useless, so if you’re not confident in your D.I.Y skills please hire a professional to fit it.

1. Cloud Buyer Garage Door Side Seal

32.8 Feet Long Garage Door Weather Stripping Top and Sides Rubber Seal Strip Replacement,...
1,221 Reviews
32.8 Feet Long Garage Door Weather Stripping Top and Sides Rubber Seal Strip Replacement,...
  • ★【Seal Top and Side】 Designed to prevent leaves, dirt, grass, wind-driven rain, and snow from entering your garage when closed. Reduces the damaging effects of condensation (rusting) and stops...
  • ★【Save Energy】 Our seal locks out the elements by conforming to the shape of your garage door. This material can easily be painted to match your home. Helps save energy, by keeping your garage...
  • ★【Durable and Built to Last】 Garage Door Weather Seals are made of durable weather resistant PVC. The PVC will ensure they remain soft and flexible, and will not deteriorate from exposure to the...

The Cloud Buyer garage door side seal is made from heavy extruded vinyl.

Extruded vinyl is a great material to seal your doors with because it is strong, UV resistant (so the colors won’t fade) and it is cheap to produce – it certainly won’t break the bank.

This particular product comes in a 33 feet roll which is more than enough for even the biggest of garage doors.

It is very easy to install, simply nail or screw it into your garage door frame ensuring that the lip is overhanging your garage door.

It comes with a 3-year warranty and if you’re not happy with it just contact them and they will issue a full refund.

2. M-D Garage Door Side Seal

M-D Building Products 03822 30ft. Durable Garage Door Seal & Weather Stripping Insulation Kit -...
2,699 Reviews
M-D Building Products 03822 30ft. Durable Garage Door Seal & Weather Stripping Insulation Kit -...
  • KEEPS DUST AND MOISTURE OUT - The M-D Building Products 03822 Garage Door Top and Sides Seal is designed to provide effective protection from the elements. It's an easy-to-use seal that provides...
  • EFFECTIVE GARAGE DOOR SEAL THAT IS SIMPLE TO USE - Designed with your convenience in mind, this easy-to-install garage door seal requires no tools or professional help. It’s 30ft length makes sure...
  • CAN BE USED TO SEAL THE TOP AND SIDES - This versatile garage door weather stripping is designed to protect both the top and sides of your door. It's the perfect choice for all types of garages where...

The M-D seal is made from flexible vinyl which will help create a seal around the sides of your garage door preventing air, leaves, dust, moisture and most importantly noise (we are a soundproofing blog after all) from getting through.

Vinyl door seals such as this one help extend the life of your garage door and make your garage door quieter because they cushion your door when it closes, rather than it noisily banging against the door frame the vinyl seal provides a softer surface to close against which reduces door noise.

Made in China, this seal comes in white. It also includes the necessary fasteners to attach it to your door frame.

3. Auto Care Top & Side Seal

Auto Care Products Inc 58036 ProSeal 36-Feet Garage Door Top and Side Seal with Nails for 2 Car...
140 Reviews
Auto Care Products Inc 58036 ProSeal 36-Feet Garage Door Top and Side Seal with Nails for 2 Car...
  • Provides a tight seal for your garage door
  • Locks out the elements by conforming to the shape of your garage door
  • Remains flexible at extreme low temperatures

A lot of side seals aren’t conducive to being painted on as the vinyl they are made from doesn’t hold paint very well.

Not so with the Auto Care Top & Side Seal. If you want to paint it to match the interior of your garage or your garage door you can!

  • It comes with all the nails you will need to fit it to your garage door.
  • It measures 36 feet.
  • It comes with a 90 day warranty.

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