How To Block Snoring Noise: 11 Ways

Not being able to sleep because of outdoor noise can be extremely frustrating, thankfully there are countless things you can do to help you sleep through construction noise or similar disturbances.

Unfortunately if your sleep is being disturbed by the person who is laying in bed next to you it can be more difficult to shut the noise out.

Thankfully there are things you can do, here are 11 things we recommend trying to allow your to get your full nights sleep in:

1. Sleep Apnea

Before you do anything you should make sure that your partner is not suffering from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea can be a very serious condition as it causes your breathing to stop and start, it can cause death.

Symptoms which indicate your partner may suffer from sleep apnea include:

  • Loud snoring
  • Feeling tired after a full night of sleep
  • Gasping for air while sleeping
  • Waking with a dry mouth
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Insomnia

If you suspect your partner may be suffering from sleep apnea then they should see a doctor straight away for a proper assessment.

If sleep apnea has been ruled out then you can try the following methods..

2. Use White Noise

White noise is a random signal which has equal intensity at different frequencies, this gives it a constant power spectral density.

Basically this means if you are playing white noise when an unexpected noise occurs it will likely blend into the broad frequency of the white noise and therfore go unnoticed.

White noise has many benefits including that it helps you sleep.

This is particularly true if you sleep next to a snorer.

Providing you turn the volume up high enough the snoring should blend into the background.

If you’re not used to white noise it can take some time to get used to sleeping with it but once you get used to it many people report sleeping far better as not only does snoring blend into the background but also traffic noise, dogs barking and more.

You can buy white noise machines like the one below on Amazon:

There are also numerous white noise apps available to download on your mobile device.

3. Buy Them An Anti Snoring Device

There are a load of wild and zany-looking anti-snoring devices around that you could buy.

Not all of them will be effective on your partner, a lot of how effective the devices will be dependant on how your partner snores.

A couple of popular devices include:

1. Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are placed on the skin on your nose where they help to open the nasal aperture. This prevents adhere to the skin, holding open the anterior nasal aperture and preventing it from collapsing.

Collapsed nasal apertures cause snoring due to the air being forced through a small gap.

2. Anti Snore Mouth Guards

Anti snore mough guards work by putting tension on the lower jaw muscles which pushes them forward slightly.

As the tongue is attached to the lower jaw the tongue is also moved forward which creates more space at the back of the mouth keeping the airways open and thus reducing the likelihood of snoring.

4. Use Ear Plugs

Foam ear plugs are a quick, cheap and simple way to deal with snoring.

If you want to try earplugs be sure to buy a few different sizes and shapes of earplugs as if they are too large or don’t quite fit your ear they are prone to falling out.

If your partner is a very loud snorer then ear plugs alone may not quite be enough to completely block out the noise, ear plugs are best used to deal with light snoring.

5. Move Rooms

If you’ve tried all of the above options an obvious thing to do is to move into a different room.

While this may not be a good long term solution if you’re struggling with snoring right now in the moment then moving rooms to get an uncomfortable night of sleep on the sofa is far better than having no sleep at all in a comfortable bed!

moving rooms is a good short term way of dealing with snoring

If you’ve already moved rooms and you can still hear the snoring through the walls of your home then white noise will should more than drown out the snoring.

You can get good white noise apps for free on most devices.

6. Use Headphones

Headphones can be used to play white noise, pink noise or a soothing background noise soundtrack to drown out your partners snoring.

You can even get noise cancelling headphones which will play the opposite noise of the ambient noise around you to cancel it out, this could work well for gentle snoring though is unlike to be effective against very loud snoring.

One issue with wearing headphones during the night whether they are in ear or over ear is that it can be very painful to wear them for prolonged periods.

We recommend you try a sleep headphone headband (see below), these are designed to be soft so will fit comfortably over your ear all night without causing discomfort.

7. Get To Sleep First

One of the best and most effective ways of dealing with snoring is to get to sleep before your partner does.

get to sleep before your partner does so their snoring doesnt wake you

Snoring can make it very hard to fall asleep, however once you are asleep it is less usual to be woken up by snoring.

Encourage your partner to come to bed no sooner than 30 minutes or so after you, hopefully this will give you time to fall to sleep before they do!

8. Use The Tennis Ball Trick

Snorers typically make most noise when they are laying on their back.

The tennis ball trick relies on them wearing pajamas.

use the tennis ball trick

If your partner doesn’t wear pajamas or can’t be persuaded to wear them then this trick won’t work.

If they do wear pajamas then here is how you perform the tennis ball trick:

  1. Gather the following; one tennis ball, a roll of duct tape.
  2. Take the tennis ball and position it against their pajamas in the small of their back.
  3. Tape the tennis ball to the pajamas securely so that it won’t be knocked off even with lots of rolling.

This will prevent your partner from rolling onto their back and will hopefully subdue their snoring.

9. Adjust Their Sleeping Position

As previously mentioned lying on your back is the position which is most likely to lead to snoring.

This is because the base of the tongue and the soft palate collapse to the back of the throat, creating a vibrating sound.

adjust sleeping position

By pushing your partner over onto their side the base of the tongue and the soft palate will no longer be collapsed into the back of the thoat creating more space for air and putting an end to the snoring.

10. Make Sure The Air In The Room Is Moist

Dry air can exacerbate a snoring problem.

This is because dry air can cause irritation to nasal membranes as well as the membranes in the throat.

If your partner’s snoring is much more noticeable when the air is dry then a simple way to counteract this is to use a humidifier in your bedroom:

11. Help Them Improve Their Health

One of the leading causes of snoring is being overweight.

This is because fat tissue in and around the neck and throat can narrow the airways when the throat is relaxed resulting in snoring.

Losing weight can help open the airways up and put an end to the snoring long term.

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