How To Soundproof a Gaming Room

Depending on your setup gaming can be a very noisy experience.

If you want to make sure that you can game in peace without worrying about disturbing other members of your household then you need to soundproof your gaming room, here’s how…

how to soundproof a gaming room

1. Soundproof The Door

Soundproofing your gaming room door will help control acoustics and reduce outdoor noise, allowing you to focus better on your games.

To make your existing door better at blocking sound follow these steps:

Fit Door Drafts

The core benefit of installing a door draft is noise reduction.

It amplifies the sound traveling through gaps and blocks out all the sound entering the room.

If your door has a significant gap and you’re continually being disturbed by unwanted noises, then installing a door draft would help you block the sounds from passing through the gap underneath the door.

a door

Hang A Sound Dampening Blanket On the Door

Hanging a big moving soundproof blanket on the entrance is a simple and inexpensive option for absorbing noise. You can attach it to the door by nailing, screwing, or tacking it, and it will not only give mass to the door and work as a sound barrier, but it will also diminish echo dispersion by covering a large, hard surface that reflects noise.

Also, when shopping for soundproof blankets, always check for STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating. The higher the STC is the more effective the blanket will be at dampening sound.  

2. Soundproof The Gaming Room’s Walls 

Soundproofing new or existing walls of a gaming room involve adding mass to the walls. Here are a few tips you can use to soundproof walls. 

Fiberglass insulation

With fiberglass insulation, you can ensure proper penetration of the soundwaves.

As it uses dense soundproofing sheets to dampen sound waves. It is suitable for use in crawl spaces, rim joists, and open walls. 

Fiberglass, it is available in blanket form, known as batts, these can be used in the wall cavity.

To fit it you will need to remove the plasterboard and wedge it inside the open space.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are the type of thing that you often see used to divide up offices spaces.

There are different types of acoustic panels available in the market for soundproof gaming rooms.

The wall-mounted acoustic panels and fabric-wrapped panels are some of the best types.

The cost may vary depending on the brand and material you choose.

When buying an acoustic panel make sure to check the NRC rating (Noise Reduction Coefficient).

The higher the NRC rating is, the greater absolution a particular acoustic panel will indicate. 

3. Soundproof The Gaming Room Floor

Soundproofing the gaming room floor is very important if your gaming room is located upstairs. An easy way to soundproof your floor is to lay down a thick rug.

Heavy rugs dampen the sound traveling through the floor.

When using a rug make sure to place it underneath wherever your speakers are, this will have the biggest impact.

a white rug in a modern living room

4. Soundproof The Ceiling

If you live in an apartment with rooms above or below, soundproofing the ceiling is a must to prevent loud sound waves that travel from one floor to another.

There are many ways to soundproof your gaming room ceiling:

Use acoustic insulation inside your  ceiling cavities

This type of insulation works best for reducing airborne sounds.

Whether you are insulating the existing ceilings of your gaming room or soundproofing it from scratch, installing DFM acoustic slabs between the joists and inside the ceiling cavity will help you achieve the required levels of noise reduction.  

workman fixing ceiling holes

Use acoustic hangers 

An acoustic hanger is a viable option to create separation in the ceiling structure.

It provides airborne and impact sound insulation but is best suited if you have enough height in your gaming room because after using acoustic hangers, the ceiling height would drop by around 6 inches.

Use soundbreaker bars 

It reduces sound transferring through ceilings and lessens the magnitude of impact and airborne sounds.

Most gamers go for this type of soundproofing method as it reduces surface area contact, absorbs vibration quickly, and brings stunning soundproofing effects to the table. 

Final Verdict

All in all, a soundproof room provides you with a better gaming experience.

If someone is interrupting you or you are disturbing others with your long hours or late-night gaming sessions, a soundproof gaming room will make it easier for you to block out all noises.

a gaming controller

Not to mention, it really helps you reduce echo and focus on your game only.

If you want to enjoy a seamless gaming experience, then choose any of the above-mentioned ways to soundproof your gaming room.

However if fully soundproofing your gaming room is going to be too big of a commitment then you could try using a soundproof mask instead.

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