9 Ways To Stop Windshield Wiper Noise

Windshield wiper noise is an irritating and potentially dangerous distraction when driving.

Thankfully it is something that can easily be stopped.

Below are 9 ways to get stop windshield wiper noise once and for all:

1. Clean The Windshield

The most common reason that your windshield wipers are squeaking is because the windshield is dirty.

Even if your windshield looks clean it may have build ups of oil or wax on it which are causing your wipers to squeak.

clean the windshield to make wipers quieter

To properly clean your windshield get a microfiber cloth, a spray bottle and some glass cleaner, vinegar also works well if you don’t have any glass cleaner available.

Then fill the spray bottle with your cleaning fluid/vinegar and spray it over the windshield.

Then wipe the glass from top to bottom with the cloth until the entire windscreen has been cleaned.

2. Clean The Wiper Blades

Dirty wiper blades are a common source of wiper noise so cleaning your wipers can have a big impact.

clean the wiper blades to reduce windshield wiper noise

To clean your wiper blades lift the blades up from the windscreen, then use a cloth which is dampened with one of soapy water, cleaning fluid, rubbing alcohol or even WD-40, all of these are very good for cleaning wipers.

Rub up and down with the cloth until the cloth comes away clean with no dirty marks on it.

3. Top Up The Windscreen Fluid

Dry windscreen wipers are far noisier than lubricated ones.

If your wiper fluid is low this can cause your windshield wipers to make a lot of noise.

topping up windscreen fluid can make your wipers quieter

Open the bonnet and find your washer bottle, this often has a windscreen symbol on it.

Remove the cap and pour in screen wash until it reaches the top.

Remember to follow the instructions on the bottle, some screen washes come as concentrate so may require watering down.

4. Soften The Rubber

Exposure to extreme conditions (particularly sun and heat) will cause the rubber to harden over time, as I’m sure you can imagine this makes your wipers far noisier.

So soften wiper rubber we recommend using petroleum jelly.

petroleum jelly helps soften windshield blade rubber making it quieter

Take a cloth and dip it into the jelly, then wipe the jelly along the full length of the blade ensurng that all the rubber is covered.

Then leave the blades to dry for 15 minutes before lowering the arms back onto the windscreen.

5. Adjust The Blades

Poorly fitted wiper blades will make a lot of noise.

If your blades are digging into the windshield at an angle or being dragged vertically across the windscreen then a few small adjustments could prevent a lot of noise.

adjust the wiper blades

To fix this simply take the wiper blade in our hand and twist it gently until it sits on the windscreen correctly.

6. Check The Wiper Fasteners

The fasteners are the bolts which secure the wiper arms in place.

If these are too tight or too loose they can cause unneccessary noise due to too much tension (if it’s too tight) or too much wobbly movement in the arm (if it’s too loose).

check the wiper fasteners

Check the the blades are well secured but aren’t so tight that their movement is impeded.

Make adjustments to the fasteners and test out your wipers to work out what the optimal tightness should be.

Did you know…?
Acoustic windshields reduce noise transfer into your car by up to 60%!

7. Replace The Windshield Wiper Blades

Most mechanics will tell you that windshield wiper blades should be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

How often you should replace them depends on how much sun exposure they get and whether or not your car is kept in a garage or under cover.

However the reality is that most of us don’t bother replacing or wiper blades ever.

replace the windshield wiper blades

Replacing the blades is one of the easiest ways to fix windshield wiper noise.

First make sure you buy some blades that are compatible with your car.

Then follow the blade down to where it meets the wiper arm. There is usually a small level or catch which can be pulled to release the blade.

Release the blade and swap it for you new blade – easy!

8. Replace The Entire Wiper Arm

On older cars it is not uncommon for wiper arms to corrode and become inefficient and noisy as a result.

replace the wiper arm if it is noisy

If this has happened to your car then the best option is to replace the entire arm.

  1. Make sure you find wiper arms that fit your car.
  2. Open the hood and follow the arm to the bolt which attaches it.
  3. Use a spanner or wrench to loosen the bolts until the arms can be removed and the new ones attached.

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9. Be Wary Of Windshield Wax & Windshield Film

Waxing your car windscreen helps wick water away from the screen more quickly thereby giving you greater visibility during a rainstorm.

However in some cases wax can cause your windscreen wipers to make squeaky noises.

remove squeaky wax and windscreen film from your windshield

The same is also true of screen film (the sticky back see-through plastic that comes on new phones) which you commonly get on a new car.

Screen film can be easily peeled off by hand.

To remove wax use an acetone solution applied directly to a cloth and wipe this over the wax, the acetone will break the wax down.

Once done give it a final clean with a glass cleaning solution.

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