Soundproofing in Manchester, UK

If you live in Manchester and have a problem with unwanted nuisance noise then you have come to the right place. Whether your problem noise is in a commercial or domestic property we can help.

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Manchester's Leading Soundproof Services Specialists

  • Our Acoustic Assessments ensure that we find where your biggest problem areas are so that we can provide the most effective soundproofing solution.
  • Our Quick and Professional Installations allow you to get back to normal and enjoy your new found peace and quiet as soon as possible with minimal disruption.
  • If there are any issues with our work we will make fixes free of charge and as soon as possible.
Manchester Is A Noisy City - We Can Help Make Your Life More Peaceful
Here at Soundproof Panda we are experts in all things soundproofing, whether you want to make your babys room sound resistant, create a home cinema or recording studio or even soundproof your whole home or office we can help.

In the last 15 years Manchester has been leading the way in urban redevelopment in the UK.
If you live or work in Manchester you will be used to seeing scaffolding, building work and builders in every spare corner that the city has to offer.

It is fantastic to see parts of Manchester that were once falling into disrepair rise from the ground and be built into thriving new communities.
..many of us live in studios and flats which often are inadequately soundproofed from noise above, below and next door.”
However if you happen to live in the midst of all this development you may be less than thrilled about the noise that the construction work creates.

The proliferation of high rise buildings in Manchester means that many of us live in studios and flats which often are inadequately soundproofed from noise above, below and next door.
The joy of making a home in your own stylish modern apartment with great views over the stunning Manchester cityscape can quickly be ruined by an inconsiderate neighbour who loves loud music or has heavy feet.
SoundProof Panda Can Solve Your Acoustic Problems

Acoustic Assessment

Prior to starting any work we will run acoustic tests in your home, which will allows us to find the best possible solution to your sound problem.

​Quick & Professional Installation

Our professional intallation team will complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise disruption.

Acoustic Assessment

If there are any issues with our work we will makes fixes at no extra charge.
Our Noise Insulation Expertise

"We are experts in all types of soundproofing including floors, windows, doors, ceilings or walls"

If your teenager has a new drum kit (check out our article on how to soundproof a room for drums) or a new sound system with a ridiculous amount of bass then we can transform your spare room into a sealed sound box, likewise if you want to build a home cinema, recording studio or even (this was one of our more unusual jobs) a disco room!

We are experts in all types of soundproofing whether you need your floors, windows, doors, ceilings or walls soundproofing or even the whole lot.

Our Soundproofing Services


"We are experts in preventing air-borne sound and impact sound carrying through floors."

  • Timber Floor Soundproofing
  • Concrete Floor Vibration Dampening


"Our acoustic analysis ensures that the most effective soundproofing method is used."

  • Stud Wall Soundproofing
  • Brick Wall Soundproofing


"Poor fitting doors are often the leading cause of sound leakage"

  • Weather Stripping Installation
  • Door Refitting
  • Door Sweeps & Acoustic Door Sweep Installation


"Air-borne sounds easily travels through uninsulated ceilings and sound vibrations easily travel through ceiling joists"

  • Ceiling Insulation
  • Resilient Channel Installation
  • Soundproof Ceiling Panel Installation

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