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A lot of the noise that disrupts us day to day comes from machinery and products that could be quieter. If you're looking to purchase anything such as a quiet lawn mowerquiet garage door openernon-tick clock or even a quiet air purifier then have a read of our articles below to stay informed about what it is that makes these products noisy and what to look out for when buying one, we also recommend products to choose from which we believe to be the quietest.

6 Quietest Garbage Disposal Machines
6 Quietest Garbage Disposal Machines

Garbage disposal machines tend to make a lot of noise, which can be a nuisance if you live in a home with young children.  If you're looking for an effective, yet quiet, garbage disposal machine then your best options are : Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Moen GXP50C Prep Series Pro Continuous Feed General […]

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quiet keyboards
8 Quietest Keyboards for Gaming & Office Use

If you’re getting nasty looks from the people in your office every time you start typing, it’s time to invest in a new keyboard. The quietest keyboards will help keep the peace when at work or home, whether you’re working or gaming. If you're in a rush here are the quietest keyboards we've found: Contents […]

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silent fireworks 2
Silent Fireworks: How Good Are They & What Are They?

Not everyone likes the bangs, whistles and screeches of fireworks. For some people and most animals, the unexpected loud noises cause a lot of fear and anxiety turning a fun firework display into a nightmare. That is where quiet fireworks come in.  Sometimes called silent fireworks, these are the quietest fireworks that offer the same […]

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quiet humidifiers
8 Quietest Humidifiers for Recording Studios or Sleeping

If you live in a dry climate, you might notice issues like allergies, asthma, or dryness of your skin, eyes, and throat. During the cold winter months, when heating dries the air out even further, a humidifier can help you stay hydrated and reduce irritation.  These are the quietest humidifiers on the market right now: […]

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devices for dealing with noisy neighbors
9 Devices For Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

Dealing with noisy neighbors is not a task that anyone might ever look forward to.  Finding common ground with someone who makes a lot of noise can be frustrating and difficult, especially if they have a difficult personality and fail to acknowledge the needs of those around them.  But there are ways to deal with […]

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quietest shop vacs
7 Quietest Shop Vacs For Workspace Cleaning

Vacuums are noisy. Shop vacs are even noisier because they are far more powerful than the average domestic vacuum. Commercial shop vacs routinely exceed 90dB in noise, at these levels you'll need ear protection to avoid long-term hearing damage. As a general rule, if you want a quiet shop vac you are going to have […]

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an orange door curtain
Soundproof Door Curtains: Do They Actually Work?

Doors and windows are the first things you need to consider when you have an issue with noise entering or leaving a room. Sound travels through the easiest passages with the least resistance, which can be gaps around these areas or simply through the door—especially if it’s hollow. Looking for an effective soundproof door curtain? […]

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washing machine in field
The 10 Best Anti-Vibration Mats for Washing Machines

Have you finally had enough of your washing machine sounding like an explosion every time it spins? Whether it shakes the whole house or wakes the baby with the noise, there’s no need for you to live like that any longer. If you're in a rush here are the washing machine anti-vibration mats that we […]

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skyline sound diffuser
DIY Sound Diffuser: How to Build One

A sound diffuser reduces echoes and reflections in a room by scattering the sound waves in many directions. The downside to diffusers is that they can be expensive and it is sometimes hard to justify the cost. Fortunately, you can build them yourself for just a fraction of the price. This step by step guide […]

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green glue alternatives
8 Green Glue Alternatives That Work

Green Glue is one of the best-known soundproofing sealants on the market. However it's certainly not the cheapest and, due to its popularity, is often out of stock. If you're looking for a good green glue alternative then we recommend you try one of these: Auralex Acoustics STOPGAP TMS Acoustic Caulk Titebond Acoustical Sealant OSI […]

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