7 Quietest Shop Vacs For Workspace Cleaning

Vacuums are noisy.

Shop vacs are even noisier because they are far more powerful than the average domestic vacuum.

Commercial shop vacs routinely exceed 90dB in noise, at these levels you’ll need ear protection to avoid long-term hearing damage.

As a general rule, if you want a quiet shop vac you are going to have to sacrifice some power, quiet shop vacs should be no louder than 70dB.

At this voulme you’ll be able to talk over the noise without having to strain your voice.

Below are 8 of the quietest shop vacs:

1. Fein Turbo 2

FEIN Turbo I Vacuum Cleaner, 5.8 Gallon, 1100W | Includes: 13 ft Suction Hose, Tool Coupling with Suction Power Control, Cellulose Filter, 1 Fleece Filter Bag

The Fein Turbo 2 vacuum cleaner is a baller shop vac. From the moment you flip the switch and this bad boy roars to life, you know something nice ‘s in store.

This vacuum operates at a cool 66dB – that’s less than an average conversation!

At this volume, talking during usage just feels natural.

The 17-inch width allows for efficient cleaning of wide areas like garages and workshops whilst still being just as comfortable in tight corners or near delicate objects to do some dust extraction without issue.

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2. DeWalt DXV10P

The DeWALT DXV10P is a second-generation vacuum that focuses on significantly reducing the volume of the motor.

Their Stage 2 Motor is 50% quieter than their Stage 1 motor, this is due in part to The lower flow rate of 90 CFM (cubic feet per minute).

The Fein TE-1 Turbo II Shop Vacuum offers increased power and suction over previous models with an innovative four stage system.

Its new register axial impeller pumps out 95% more air at a higher pressure and its optional multi-stage filter keeps 85% more dust particles from escaping into the room.

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3. Vacmaster VWM510

Vacmaster VWM510 5-Gallon 5 Peak HP Remote Control Wall Mount Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

The Vacmaster VWM510 features a 10 AMP 2-stage motor that has an airflow rate of 81 CFM.

This is a lower power shop vac which is relatively quiet at 74 dB.

The Vacmaster both blows and sucks and features a remote control on/off switch that can be used from 12 meters away so that you don’t have to turn it on/off at the plug socket.

This wall-mountable vac has 5 gallon capacity, is

The 5 Gallon blue plastic wet-dry vac is wall mountable and portable with large handle for carrying. The wall mount frame is easy to install on one stud, and the unit will attach and remove quickly and easily.

With more than 30-feet of reach provided by the 10-foot 1-7/8” diameter flex hose and a 20-foot cord with Cord Wrap, it’ll reach most tasks.

The VWM510 model comes with a washable cartridge filter and foam sleeve filter but isn’t set up for a HEPA system. The Vacmaster comes with a good range of accessories for its onboard storage and accessory caddy.

Included are 2 plastic wands, a floor nozzle with a removable brush, round brush nozzle, car tool, crevice tool, air/noise diffuser, plus an extra 11-foot crushproof hose.

The vacuum is covered by Vacmaster’s 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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4. Festool HEPA Dust Extractor

Festool 575280 CT SYS HEPA Dust Extractor

The Festool 084426 Dust Extractor is a handy, effective model for small clean-ups and cars.

It features a quiet motor of 106 CFM and only 67 dB of noise — you can talk to someone while it’s running!

The dust extractor also comes with a HEPA filter and bag.

This product includes a disposable filter bag that fits into a 6″x10″x4″ space for easy disposal.

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5. Dewalt DCV581H

DEWALT 20V MAX Vacuum, Wet/Dry (DCV581H)

The DEWALT DCV581H is a versatile, battery-powered vacuum.

Though it lacks high-end power it can work effectively for cleaning up sawdust and plaster debris.

The 31 CFM of airflow does not produce enough suction to clear screws or nails; though it is enough to handle jobs such as cleaning up generic debris from surfaces.

Because it is battery operated and only puts out 31CFM it is very quiet, far quieter than most plug in industrial shop vacs.

Depending on the job requirements the battery will last between 20 and 30 minutes before becoming less powerful as its runtime gets closer to being finished.

So if you only need your shop vac to do clean up plaster, sawdust and similar lightweight things then the Dewalt DCV581TH is an ideal quiet choice.

6. Makita VC4710

The Makita 12 AMP VC4710 Shop Vacuum is powered by a powerful motor that produces 135 CFM of airflow with water lift of 92” to handle almost any cleaning job.

It’s built with sound-absorbing materials in the motor compartment for better operability-making it easy on your ears with a quiet 59dB!

It also uses a soft start that draws fewer amps (and is quieter) when powering up. It also has a variable speed dial for controlling suction on different tasks, the Makita power brush dustbuster makes tackling any mess quick and efficient without hurting your ears or disturbing people nearby.

This is a tough tool that can stand up to years of use without creating a huge noise!

7. Nilfisk Alto Aero

Nilfisk ALTO Aero is one of the best quiet shop vacs on the market.

It is engineered and designed in Germany and features a powerful, yet quiet motor that offers 125 CFM of airflow with 84”s of water lift to tackle any job around your house or workplace.

It only reaches 64dB of noise so you can work while others sleep, live or work nearby without your shop vacuum ruining their peace.

How to Make Your Shop-Vac Quieter

If you’ve bought a shop vac and you feel it is too noisy, here are a few things you can do to help it operate more efficiently and (most importantly) more quietly:

1. Clean The Filter

A clogged up filter forces the motor to work harder to get the same amount of air through, this results is more noise.

Cleaning your filter regularly will ensure that air flows freely through without putting unneccessary strain on the engine.

2. Use A Long hose

Getting a longer hose attachemnt for your shop vac can reduce shop vac volume.

This is because shop vacs sometimes discharge air out of the exhuast ports in the hose which can be noisy. A longer hose reduces the likelihood of this happening thus reducing the overall noise.

3. Fit A Shop Vac Muffler

Shop vac mufflers are in some ways like a silencer for a gun. Not all, but most shop vac companies will produce mufflers that can be plugged into the blowing port of your vacuum to reduce the noise.

Below is one designed to fit a 2.5″ blowing port:

Ridgid VT2525 2.5 Inch Muffler / Diffuser Accessory for Ridgid Wet / Dry Vacuums (Adaptor Included)

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