The Best Soundproof Masks For Singing, Gaming & More

If you’re looking for a soundproof mask to allow you to sing, game, record your voice or anything else then below are 4 of the best options available:

Approximate Sound ReductionBest For
Beltbox MaskUp to 30 decibelsGeneral Use
Steno SR Pro-1 Mask100% Noise Cancellation when recordingRecording / Singing
The Scream JarUp to 70% sound reductionStress Relief
The Phasma MaskUp to 20 decibelsGaming

1. Beltbox

Coming in at number one on our list is the Beltbox.

This nifty little box is perfect for every day or just general use. It can be used for stress relief, singing, or practicing a speech without disrupting other people around you.

The Beltbox is an effective sound dampening mask with sound reduction of up to 30 decibels.

It is neat looking product that is comfortable to hold or wear over your nose and mouth. It comes with a removable hands-free strap as well as a cloth carrying bag.

Additionally, the Beltbox is made from silicone and Polyurethane foam making it waterproof.

This feature does not only make cleaning it a breeze, but it can also be used whilst in the shower!

The Beltbox is a durable product that can handle being tossed into your bag after a quick warm up.


  • Up to 30 decibels sound reduction
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wireless and option for hands-free


  • Minimal color options
  • Can be difficult to inhale through nostril holes

2. Steno SR Pro-1 – Best Soundproof Mask For Singing

Next up, the Steno SR Pro-1 is the perfect soundproof mask for use whilst singing.

Although, it is not only good for singing, but it also works well for use whilst having a phone conversation or even a private meeting on the go.

This mask is a wired product with a retractable cable that can connect to most devices with the use of an adapter.

This Canadian soundproofing mask provides 100% noise cancellation for crystal clear sound quality.

Although it does not completely absorb the sound, it is effective and does dampen the sound considerably so that those nearby are not able to make out what you are saying.

Along with the soundproof mask, this product comes with extra foam inserts to suit your comfort preferences, a quiet cushion facepiece, as well as a tuning tool.

The tuning tool allows for the user to adjust and customize their mask.

This streamlined soundproof mask is ergonomic and lightweight with multiple hands-free options available.


  • 100% noise cancellation
  • Multiple hands-free options
  • Streamline, ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Retractable cable
  • Comes with tuning tool for customization


  • Costly
  • Only available in one color
  • Wired

3. The Scream Jar – Best Sound Dampening Device For Stress Relief

Your number one stress-relieving soundproof mask is the Scream Jar. This Japanese-made product is made from ABS Resin and is highly durable.

It features two openings, one of which is for you to let your feelings and frustrations out into whilst the other side lets air in. This makes the product effective as well as breathable.

The Scream Jar allows for up to 70% sound reduction, reducing the loudest of screams to a normal speaking tone.

Not only is this product great for releasing stress into, but it can also be used effectively for singing or practicing karaoke in as well as practicing a speech.


  • Ideal for screaming into
  • Up to 70% sound reduction
  • Breathable


  • Only comes in one color
  • Can’t wear it on your face!

4. The Phasma – Best Soundproof Mask For Gaming

The next best thing for gamers to add to their setup is Metadox’s Phasma.

This Indiegogo funded soundproof mask makes gaming into the early hours of the morning without disturbing the rest of your household possible.

You can yell at the rest of your team as loud as you please and no one else will be disturbed.

The Phasma is capable of reducing the overall volume of your voice by up to 20 decibels. It is made from comfortable materials including a memory foam seal.

This mask is not only breathable but also made by gamers especially with gamers in mind and is compatible with most headsets.

With an adjustable hands-free system, it remains comfortable for hours of use.

This product is available in a number of exterior and stitching thread colors making it extremely customizable.

The Phasma is also easy to keep clean!


  • Made for gamers, by gamers
  • Compatible with most headsets
  • Numerus color customization options
  • Memory foam seal
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey
  • Not yet released

How To Make A DIY Soundproof Mask

There are two key things any soundproof mask needs:

  • Air flow (so you can breathe)
  • Soundproofing ability

The trouble is that to achieve either of these different things are required.

To create a mask that you can breathe through you need to either have ventilation in it or it needs to be made from a breathable fabric.

The trouble is that if air can get in and out of the mask then sound can too.

This is why even the best soundproof masks (that we’ve listed above) will never be fully soundproof, rather they will just dampen sound somewhat.

Your best bet if you want to make your own DIY soundproof mask is to get several breathable masks and/or a scarf.

Wear a couple of breathable masks and check that you can definitely breathe comfortably through them.

You can then wrap a scarf around your mask for added sound dampening.

Again, ensure that you can breathe comfortably for as long as required before committing to wearing your DIY soundproof mask.

Pros & Cons Of Soundproof Masks:

soundproof gaming masks

Soundproof masks can be a great solution to gaming (and singing) related noise problems. However they do have both their pros and cons..

Pro: Great For Singing, Gaming, Recording In Noise Sensitive Places

First and foremost, they can help to significantly dampen the amount of noise that is heard from outside the mask.

This is perfect for singers who want to avoid feedback or gamers who want to keep their gameplay private, and it can also be helpful for people who need to record audio in a noise-sensitive environment.

Pro: Doubles As A Covid Mask

Soundproof masks also double as breathable covid masks.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need both a soundproof mask and a covid mask, soundproof masks are the perfect option.

Con: Can Be Uncomfortable and Restrictive

However, soundproof masks can also be quite uncomfortable and restrictive, which can make them unpopular with some users. Additionally, they can be expensive, so not everyone will be able to afford them. Ultimately,

Con: Not Super Effective At Soundproofing As They Need To Be Breathable

The main con of soundproof masks is that they do not perfectly soundproof, you obviously need to be able to breathe through a mask and if air can pass through the mask then sound can too.

This means that even the best soundproofing mask will never be as effective as fully soundproofing your gaming room instead it will dampen noise to a degree.

Con: Not As Easy To Breath

Another downside of soundproof masks is that they can be difficult to breathe in, especially if you are not used to wearing a mask.

Masks do restrict airflow to some degree and soundproof gaming masks are no different. They can often feel stuffy or humid due to the soundproofing material within the mask.

Con: Can Be Uncomfortable

Soundproof masks can also be uncomfortable to wear due to the heat and humidity that can build up inside them if worn for extended periods of time.

Additionally, the soundproofing material can sometimes feel itchy or scratchy against your skin.

Overall, soundproof masks are a great option for people who need to sing or game in noise-sensitive places. They offer good soundproofing for the voice and also double as covid masks. However, soundproof masks should not be worn for long periods of time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are gaming, singing, needing some stress relief or just want to have a private conversation whilst you are in a public place, there is a soundproof mask to suit your needs.

Whilst not all of these products are completely soundproof, they all offer some sort of sound reduction and sound dampening quality.

To choose the best soundproof mask for you, decide on what you will be using it for and pick one according to your needs.

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