5 Best Soundproofing Companies in New York, NY

If you're looking for a soundproofing company based in New York then you've come to the right place.

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Alternatively read on for 5 of the best soundproofing companies in the NY area.

New York is by nature a noisy place.

A poorly soundproofed apartment or office can become a big problem.

Noise pollution is linked directly to increases in anxiety, depressions, heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes.

In fact, a 2011 study revealed that a 10dB increase in aircraft noise resulted in a 28% increase in the use of anxiety medicines.

So it is vital that you take environmental noise seriously.

Below are 5 of the best soundproofing companies in NYC that can help you soundproof your living or working spaces.

Quiet Zone Soundproofing

About Quiet Zone Soundproofing:

Quiet Zone Soundproofing provide can provide a full range of consultancy, design and project management services.

Whether you are having noise problems in an apartment, townhouse or condominium they can help.

If you need help soundproofing a gym, nightclub, office or any other type of commercial property they can help. With their comprehensive range of soundproofing services they have a solution for any noise problem.


  • Consultations
  • Residential Soundproofing
  • Commercial Soundproofing
  • Project Management

576 5th Ave, Suite 903
New York, NY 10036


[email protected]

Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing

About Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing:

Brooklyn Insulation & Soundproofing are committed to high-quality workmanship and make an effort to use the most effective and sustainably sourced materials.

Whether you need a technically challenging soundproofing job doing or just want to make a room less echoey they can help.


  • Insulation
  • Airborne Sound Reduction
  • Impact Sound Reduction
  • Acoustic Treatments

195 Montague St, 14th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

[email protected]

City Soundproofing

About Citi Soundproofing:

Citi Soundproofing are a specialist residential and commercial noise reduction company that services all NY boroughs with their wealth of experience.


  • Residential soundproofing

Supply & installation of:

  • Sound Absorbers
  • Sealers
  • Isolation & Vibration Control Materials
  • Noise Barriers

58-19 230th Street
New York, NY 11364


[email protected]

New York Soundproofing

About New York Soundproofing:

New York Soundproofing specializes in the creation of customized sound environments.

They focus primarily on commercial work including things like offices, recording studios, conference rooms, bars, restaurants & clubs, churches, schools and more, however they also do quite a bit of work on home offices.


  • Sound consultations
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Noise Reducing Door Treatment
  • Noise Reducing Door Treatment
  • Sound-absorbing Curtains
  • Acoustic Partitions

1112 Quentin Rd, Suite 201,
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Tel: (877) 999-2201

Email: [email protected]

Citi Quiet

About Citi Quiet:

Citi Quiet are leaders in the soundproof window industry.

They started life when owner Martin Lentin who already worked in the window business was asked by a friend if he could make some soundproof windows to help a friend's baby sleep.


  • Soundproof Windows Sales
  • Soundproof Window Installation
  • Window Lamination

11-11 43rd Road Long Island City,
NY 11101


[email protected]

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