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We will be honest - this category is the place where we dump all of the soundproofing tips that don't quite fit into any of our other categories. Whether you want to know how to make your high heels quieter or what active noise cancellation is, this is the place to look for those more obscure soundproofing answers! 

how to reduce train noise
How To Reduce Train Noise In Your Home: 5 Methods

Hearing a train clickety clack down the track reminds me of sleepless nights when I spent a short time living next to a train route. It seemed the only solution back then was to move home, but this isn’t an option for everyone. Luckily, these days there are plentiful options to combat the powerful high-frequency […]

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squeaky chairs
How To Fix A Squeaky Chair: 10 Steps

If you’re currently suffering from the annoying side effects of a squeaky chair, then it’s about time that you do something about it. Whether the squeaky noise is coming from a wooden chair, a gaming chair, or an office chair, we’ve got you covered.  In today’s article, we’re presenting you with a simple yet effective […]

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acoustic consultant
Acoustic Consultants: Everything You Need To Know

If you've ever been to a noisy restaurant with a group of friends and you've struggled to hear what anyone is saying due to the noise then you will appreciate the work of acoustic consultants. An acoustic consultant (also known as Acousticians) would go into that restaurant and advise them on materials to use which […]

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what is sound masking
What Is Sound Masking & How Is It Distinct From White Noise

Sound Masking is used to make buildings seem quieter. It works by increasing the volume of ambient background sounds at specific frequencies so that certain sounds, such as conversation, fade into the background thus reducing distractions and creating an environment where conversation can be conducted with more privacy. The main difference between sound masking and […]

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benefits of white noise
7 Benefits Of Using White Noise

Listening to white noise is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a simple way to promote relaxation, improve your focus and get a good night’s sleep. You’ve probably heard a bit about white noise but you might not know what it actually is and what the benefits of using it are. This article takes a […]

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soundproofing vs sound absorption
Soundproofing and Sound Absorbing: How They Differ

Soundproofing is the act of blocking sound from entering or leaving a room, whereas sound-absorbing is a method used to prevent echoes and reverberations to improve acoustics.  Soundproofing materials must be thick and dense, whereas sound absorbing materials are light and fluffy. It’s much easier to install sound-absorbing materials, as they can be applied on […]

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how to make shoes stop squeaking
How To Make Shoes Stop Squeaking: 10 Fixes

Squeaky shoes are generally caused by trapped moisture in parts of the shoe that rub together as you walk. Squeaking can also be caused by new rubber rubbing against things. To make your shoes stop squeaking all you need to go is either get rid of the moisture or find a way to soften the […]

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how to walk silently
How To Walk Silently: 9 Tips

Knowing how to walk quietly is a valuable skill that can come in useful in many different circumstances. Whether you're trying to sneak out of your sleeping child's room, walk past wildlife, are hunting or you need to sneak away from a dangerous situation. Whatever your reason is learning how to walk quietly is well […]

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soundproofing myths busted
10 Soundproofing Myths Explained: Don't Do These

Properly soundproofing a room can be an expensive job, which is why there are many soundproofing myths around which offer cheap but completely ineffective ways of soundproofing a room. Below we bust some of these myths and explain what (if anything) these methods are actually useful for: Contents 1. Egg Boxes2. Foam Panels3. Soft Furnishings4. […]

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how to make an anonymous noise complaint
How To Make An Anonymous Noise Complaint

Noise complaints are handled by local councils so to make a complaint you need to get in touch with them directly, this can usually be done through your council's website. If you live in the U.S type "your local authority name make a noise complaint" into your search engine of choice. This should bring up […]

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