How To Deal With Loud Xbox Fans

Owning an Xbox can definitely be a blast! Microsoft has shown time and time again that it can compete in the highly competitive video game market. The Xbox One X is their latest flagship taking the world by storm.

However, gamers do have one common complaint with the console – the Xbox fan. Loud Xbox fans are the bane of many gamers looking to get completely immersed in their game. While it’s true that this is a perfectly normal feature of the Xbox One X, fans that are loud all the time may eventually become disruptive in your household. 

Today we’re going to look at some things you can do when your Xbox One fan is becoming too loud.

What Are Xbox Fans For?

Your Xbox has the ability to render some of the best graphic models around. However, these hyper-realistic models do come at a cost. In order to do this, your Xbox’s GPU will require a lot of energy to function.

xbox 360 inside
The inside of an xbox 360 - it gets hot in there!

This generates a lot of heat, which will eventually build-up. Xbox One cooling fans are utilized to redirect this heat away from the Xbox and into the outside air. 

Why Do Xbox Fans Get Loud?

Like most electronics, your Xbox is programmed to monitor its temperature levels. This is to prevent it from reaching temperatures high enough to damage its sensitive internals. As it gets hotter, the fans need to compensate by running faster. These fans can get really loud when left unchecked.

There are many possible reasons for loud Xbox fans. However, the most likely reason is that your Xbox gets too hot when in use.

Figuring out why it gets too hot should be your number one priority when trying to get your Xbox fans to quiet down.

What To Do When You Have A Loud Xbox Fan

While having a loud Xbox One fan is definitely annoying, finding a solution might not be that difficult. Here’s a short list of things you can do when you find that your console sounds like a jet engine upon startup. 

1. Move Your Xbox To A Cooler Location

One of the easiest solutions for an Xbox that constantly overheats is to simply move it to a much cooler location. The heat buildup may be causing the Xbox fans to work overtime, which makes them unnecessarily loud for prolonged periods of time. If your console is stored in a part of your room that doesn’t get enough ventilation, then this might be your issue.

To solve this, simply move the Xbox into a more open part of your room. Putting it on top of a table or shelf with adequate air circulation should improve the fan’s noise levels significantly.

xbox console

A good wall-mounted shelf is perfect if you need a dedicated console shelf that won’t trap heat.

Alternatively, investing in an Xbox stand with a built-in cooling fan is a good option for anyone who needs to store the Xbox vertically. The extra external fans make no sound and will help take some of the load off your Xbox’s internal fans. 

2. Clean Your Xbox With Compressed Air

If you keep your console in a place that accumulates dust, then your loud fan problem may be caused by a buildup of dust in your Xbox. The buildup of dust could be blocking your console’s cooling paths, preventing it from cooling down properly.

This leads to your Xbox fans having to work harder to cool it down, which then produces a loud noise. 

A quick solution would be to clean out as much dust as you can without having to open up your console. This can be achieved with the help of a microfiber cloth and a can of compressed air. 

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First, use your microfiber cloth (sometimes called a dust cloth) to wipe down as much dust as possible from your console’s sides. Wipe it down in one direction and be careful not to push dust further into your Xbox’s ports. Microfiber cloth is preferred because of how it doesn’t leave any dust or lint when used.

Once your console’s exterior is dust-free, take your can of compressed air and use the smallest nozzle available to get the dust out from the many ports and openings around your Xbox One.

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Only use short bursts of air when attempting to clean up the dust in your console’s openings! A sustained airflow might be strong enough to get the internal cooling fans turning which can potentially damage them.

Take note that cleaning your Xbox with compressed air will not completely get rid of all the dirt building up in your console.

However, it is still a good maintenance practice since constant cleaning will ensure less dust being accumulated along the many exhaust ports of the device.

Routinely cleaning up your console should prevent it from producing a lot of loud noise.

3. Open Up Your Xbox One X

If the fans stay loud after cleaning the dirty ports then you might have to think about deep cleaning your console. It might seem intimidating to open up your Xbox One X, but it’s really a lot easier than it looks!

xbox fan noise

First, make sure to turn off and unplug your Xbox. Turn it over and find two Torx T10 screws keeping the cover in place. Use a Torx T10 screwdriver to remove both screws then carefully lift the outer shell out. Once the upper cover is removed, find 5 more screws on the top of the device and carefully remove them.

These are the long screws that are keeping the actual Xbox internals connected to the bottom cover of the console.

Once the screws are removed, you can proceed to remove the single ribbon cable on the front of the machine. Use tweezers if necessary. You can now carefully pull the console backward and away from the bottom cover. Flip it over and unscrew the last set of screws. Pull this metal cover away and you will now have access to your Xbox One X’s fan and heat sink.

Use your can of compressed air to blow out any dust and dirt that may have accumulated in the fan and heat sink. Blockages in these parts of your console could be preventing it from properly pulling heat away from the GPU. The buildup of heat can result in an overheating Xbox One. This means your fan will be working harder and producing a lot more sound.

If you wish to remove your fan completely, then all you need is to first remove your power supply and disc drive. This will give you access to two connector cables that need to be removed before you can fully pull the fan away from the console. Doing so will allow you to thoroughly clean your fan and heatsink without any problems.

Once satisfied, all you need to do is to put your Xbox One back together. Return the fan, power supply, and disc drive to their respective spots. Then screw in the covers with their specific screws. Plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy your game without an unnecessarily loud fan!

How To Properly Maintain Your Xbox

Dust build-up is an inevitable part of owning an Xbox One X. Routine cleaning is vital to ensure that your console stays quiet. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to minimize the amount of dust that builds up in your console.

1. Keep Your Console In A Well Ventilated Area

One of the simplest ways to prevent dust from building up is to ensure that your console is kept somewhere with good ventilation. Keeping it in an enclosed shelf or entertainment unit isn’t a good idea since dust builds up much quicker in tight spaces like these. 

2. Use Dust Proof Covers

A dust cover will help keep your Xbox One X safe from any dust and dirt while it’s not being used. These covers will block most ports to minimize the amount of dust that will settle on the device.

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Just keep in mind that you should refrain from using these dust covers when enjoying a game to prevent your Xbox from overheating. After all, an overheated Xbox One will be both noisy and prone to breaking.

What If The Problem Still Persists?

If the loud noise still persists and you think dust isn’t the problem, then your issue might be much more serious. Listen closely to where the sound is coming from when you turn your console on. 

Loud sounds coming from your console’s disc drive or hard drive might mean that the moving parts inside are damaged and need to be replaced. 

xbox controller

If the noise is still coming from the fan, then that might mean the fan itself is damaged and needs maintenance. Removing the fan following the steps listed above might help you find the culprit. 

Final Thoughts

Since its introduction, the Xbox has been a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal. The newer Xbox One X has definitely made its mark on the brand’s legacy and is a device that anyone can game on and enjoy.

Though the fan can get loud, most users will find that some cleaning and patience are all that’s needed for you to fully enjoy your Xbox again!

If you have a similar problem with your PS4, then check out our guide here.

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