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Whether you're a gym owner looking for tips on how to reduce gym noise so that the people living in the apartments downstairs stop complaining or you're looking to setup a home gym and want advice on the best gym equipment to get that disturb everyone in your house then keep reading for advice on the quietest treadmills, treadmill matts and much more.

Rogue bumper plate
Quiet Bumper Plates: Which Are The Best?

Dropping weights is noisy. Using quieter bumper plates can help significantly reduce gym noise, particularly when paired with mats or weightlifting drop pads.   If you're looking for good quality, affordable bumper plates which are quieter than most then these Fringe Sport bumpers are a good choice: Made from slightly softer rubber than most bumper plates […]

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Weightlifting Drop Pads to Quieten & Protect Your Weights

Lifting weights is noisy.  The heavier the weights and the higher you lift them the more likely you are to have to drop them on the floor. If you do this it will make a lot of noise, even if you are using quiet bumper plates and a lifting platform. Weightlifting drop pads provide a […]

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Quiet Cardio Workouts: 8 Low Noise Exercises For The Home

Getting fit can be noisy.  Whether you’re jumping up down doing burpees and star jumps, running on a treadmill or slamming weighs around (if this is you we recommend you try some weightlifting drop pads), noise feels like an unavoidable consequence of working out. If you live in an apartment or share your home with […]

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woman boxing with round leather bag in gym
Quiet Punching Bags For Apartment Use

Boxing is a great way to keep fit; it builds power and strength, improves coordination and helps you shed spare pounds while keeping your heart in top condition. A punching bag and a pair of gloves can be acquired at minimal cost and can keep you fit for life (if you’re committed enough). If you’re […]

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Quiet Bike Turbo Trainers: For Silent Apartment Training

When it comes to bike training you can’t beat the open road. Unfortunately the problem with the open road is that sometimes it is full of traffic and bad weather can make it dangerous and unpleasant to ride on. If you're in a rush check out the table below for some of the best quiet […]

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5 Best Quiet Ellipticals For Apartment Use

Ellipticals (also known as cross-trainers) provide an excellent full-body workout and, compared to running on a treadmill (read our article on quiet treadmills if that is of interest to you), is a much quieter form of exercise. If you're short of time here is our table of 5 of the best quiet ellipticals: If you live […]

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The 6 Best Quiet Exercise Bikes For Apartment Training

Exercise bikes are generally thought of as being a fairly quiet form of exercise. But this is not always the case. If your exercise bike has a heavy flywheel and you use it on a hard wooden or tiled floor then significant vibrations will be generated which will easily be heard through in the room […]

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The Best Treadmill Mats For Minimising Vibrations & Protecting Floors

Treadmill mats can be a lifesaver if you want to get a treadmill in your apartment. Treadmills make a lot of noise due to the vibrations they make when you run this won’t make you popular with your neighbours...particularly if you’re one of those people that enjoy exercising early in the morning! Owning a treadmill […]

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man using a rowing machine
Quiet Rowing Machines For Apartment Use

Rowing is an excellent way to keep fit and, compared to running on a treadmill (read our article on quiet treadmills if you prefer running to rowing), it is a relatively quiet form of exercise. However if you live in a small apartment with thin stud walls then some rowing machines may be too noisy […]

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close up of peoples legs running on treadmills
The 6 Best Quiet Treadmill Machines & Tips To Reduce Treadmill Noise

Treadmills are rarely quiet - when in use they make a lot of noise. When you're tired your running form can quickly deteriorate into a heel first gait which causes your feet to hit the treadmill belt very noisily. This is caused by your entire body weight being driven through your heel with none of […]

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