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If you're a musician you will be well aware that not everyone likes it when you practice. Here we share a range of tips for music soundproofing including things like how to practice violin quietlyhow to make your acoustic guitar quietersoundproofing a room for drums, choosing a quiet drum set and more..

tennis ball riser
How To Build A Tennis Ball Riser To Quieten Your Electronic Drum Kit

Even the quietest electronic drum sets still make noise. Sure, they're significantly quieter than an acoustic drum set. Yet if you buy an electric drum set chances are one of the reasons you bought it was so that you could practice freely without having to worry about disturbing anyone. Electronic drums make noise in a […]

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a quiet electronic drum set
Top 10 Quiet Drum Sets For Noise Free Practice

Drums create a lot of noise. Thankfully electronic quiet drum sets allow you to practice in almost silence. You can then play in your home without waking up kids or disturbing the neighbors. If you're looking for the perfect quiet drum set for yourself, your kids or as a gift for someone else then you've […]

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how to make an acoustic guitar quieter
How To Make An Acoustic Guitar Quieter

To become a competent guitar player you need to practice lots. If you're the parent of small children or you live in a small apartment then noisy, energetic practice sessions aren't really an option. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make your acoustic guitar quieter so that you can get your practice in […]

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how to block bass noise
How To Block Bass Noise: 10 Methods

If your neighbours are constantly playing loud music you are probably getting very tired of the low-frequency bass noise that is travelling through the walls to your house. Bass is a particular problem because it travels through structures easily. When the bass is cranked up it can feel like it is constantly vibrating through your […]

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How To Soundproof A Room For Drums On A Budget

Drums are loud. So knowing how to soundproof a room for drums is vital to avoid causing problems for your neighbours and other people who share your home. A simple solution is to opt for an electronic drum set rather than acoustic drums as you can use these with headphones. Be aware that they will […]

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music is an example of airborne noise
How Late Can You Play Loud Music?

In the U.S & U.K night hours are specified as being between 11 pm and 7 am. Between these hours there are set noise levels which should not be exceeded. Other countries have different rules (and some have no rules at all) but in most western countries between the hours of 11 pm - 7 […]

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