Category: Car Soundproofing

Cars can be very noisy so if you're looking to make your car quieter by fitting quiet tires to minimise road noise, fixing your engines noisy lifters or doing a full car soundproofing job then check out the articles below for step by step help.

Dynamat Alternative Options For Affordable Vehicle Soundproofing

If you've spent any time researching how to soundproof a car or van you will soon come across Dynamat. Dynamat is widely regarded as being the best brand for improving vehicle sound control, however, it is not cheap. If you want to treat your entire vehicle with it you can easily spend over $1000 on […]

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how to stop windshield wiper noise
9 Ways To Stop Windshield Wiper Noise

Windshield wiper noise is an irritating and potentially dangerous distraction when driving. Thankfully it is something that can easily be stopped. Below are 9 ways to get stop windshield wiper noise once and for all: Contents 1. Clean The Windshield2. Clean The Wiper Blades 3. Top Up The Windscreen Fluid4. Soften The Rubber5. Adjust The […]

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installation of an acoustic windshield
Acoustic Windshields: Your Comprehensive Guide

Something people often overlook is the amount of noise they encounter when driving. This noise is typically a combination of different environmental and mechanical factors that all coalesce into one loud and distracting body of sound. Noises of this level can contribute to a lack of focus, stress, and disorientation. It can even prevent you […]

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car squeaks when driving round a corner
Does Your Car Squeak When Turning? Here’s How to Fix It

There are a lot of causes that can make your car squeak when turning. In many (though not all) cases simply changing your power system fluid will get the problem fixed.  If this didn’t work, then check your steering and suspension parts. Sometimes lubricating these might do the trick.  If the problem persists, roll up […]

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car door speaker
Speaker Making Noise When Car is Off? Learn How to Fix it

Car speakers making noise after your car engine has been turned off is an unusual but not unheard of problem. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle it can quickly become irritating. The types of noises that car speakers will emit generally sound like white noise or static hissing sound, however depending […]

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old orange truck tire
How To Quiet Noisy Tires: 4 Types Of Tire Noise Explained

Noisy tires can be a very dangerous distraction on the road. Understanding the reasons why your tire is making excessive road noise and knowing how to quiet tire noise is an important part of keeping your vehicle running safely. This guide will help you diagnose the source of your tire noise and offer solutions on […]

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The 5 Best Oil Additives To Quiet Noisy Lifters: Buying Guide

Engine oil additives have dramatic benefits for the overall functioning of the engine in your car. Oil additives also work to mitigate any problems you are experiencing with lifter ticking noise. If you're in a rush check out our table of the 5 best oil additives to help silence noisy lifters below: If you notice […]

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Engine Lifter Tick Noise: Causes & How To Silence Noisy Lifters

Does your car produce a "tappety" noise every time you start it? Does the ticking last for several seconds or even minutes while you drive? These annoying and repetitive sounds are relatively common and are most often the result of malfunctioning tappets, also known as lifter tick. Noisy tappets are something you can fix at […]

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The Best Quiet Tires For A Peaceful Drive: Highway, Off Road & Truck Tires

Having quiet tires on your car will make a very positive difference to road noise levels. Some tires can be so noisy they make it impossible to hold a normal conversation and if you are spending hours every day in your car the noise will be bad for your health. This is why the market […]

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16 Of The Best Car Sound Deadening Materials

If driving in your car sounds like a can full of pennies that have been left on top of a washing machine then you definitely need to invest in either a new car...or some of the best automotive sound deadening materials available to make driving in your car at least slightly bearable. If you're in […]

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