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quiet lawnmower cutting grass
The 7 Best Quiet Lawn Mowers: Electric & Gas

Keeping lawns well maintained is important to many of us and lawn mowers are a vital part of achieving this. Mowers are a way to cut your lawn evenly and at the perfect length with relative ease. If you're in a rush see our recommendations for the quietest electric and quietest petrol lawn mower in […]

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rug on wood floor
Soundproof Rugs: Do They Actually Work & Which Rugs Are Best?

Can a rug actually help to soundproof a room? The short answer is yes, rugs help dampen vibrations thus helping reduce sound transfer to some extent. We recommend getting something like this one: The best possible type of rug for sound dampening is a wool rug as the open fuzzy nature of the wool helps […]

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silent wall clock, green background
9 Non-Tick Silent Clocks: Say Goodbye To Ticking

Silence is golden; this saying is never truer than when you're lying in bed drifting off to sleep. A ticking clock can easily turn your nighttime routine into a headache culminating in a broken clock! Many of us choose to banish the ticking clock from the bedroom, yet having a good wall clock not only […]

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woman boxing with round leather bag in gym
Quiet Punching Bags For Apartment Use

Boxing is a great way to keep fit; it builds power and strength, improves coordination and helps you shed spare pounds while keeping your heart in top condition. A punching bag and a pair of gloves can be acquired at minimal cost and can keep you fit for life (if you’re committed enough). If you’re […]

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rolled up grey blankets
Acoustic Blankets For Sound Absorption & Reduced Echo

Planning on doing some sound recording in your home? If so acoustic blankets are the perfect way to turn an echoey room into a recording studio that sounds professional. In a rush? Vocal Booth To Go is the best place to buy them from, they have a huge range to fit all shapes and sizes […]

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garage door opener attached to garage ceiling
Quiet Garage Door Openers: The Best 5

So you've soundproofed your garage, you've fitted garage door seals to seal your garage door and yet every time you open your garage door the huge noise it makes disturbs everyone, from your baby sleeping in the room above to your next-door neighbours. If this sound familiar then you would definitely benefit from investing in […]

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Quiet Bike Turbo Trainers: For Silent Apartment Training

When it comes to bike training you can’t beat the open road. Unfortunately the problem with the open road is that sometimes it is full of traffic and bad weather can make it dangerous and unpleasant to ride on. If you're in a rush check out the table below for some of the best quiet […]

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5 Best Quiet Ellipticals For Apartment Use

Ellipticals (also known as cross-trainers) provide an excellent full-body workout and, compared to running on a treadmill (read our article on quiet treadmills if that is of interest to you), is a much quieter form of exercise. If you're short of time here is our table of 5 of the best quiet ellipticals: If you live […]

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Soundproof Acoustic Paint: Does it Actually Work?

The concept of soundproof paint is a brilliant one, soundproofing solutions don’t come much quicker and easier than a product you can paint on your wall. Simply open the tin, paint your wall and voila - soundproofing completed! Soundproof paint (also known as acoustic paint, insulated paint, sound deadening and sound dampening paint) is a […]

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The Best Quiet Tires For A Peaceful Drive: Highway, Off Road & Truck Tires

Having quiet tires on your car will make a very positive difference to road noise levels. Some tires can be so noisy they make it impossible to hold a normal conversation and if you are spending hours every day in your car the noise will be bad for your health. This is why the market […]

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