Quiet Air Purifiers: Counting Down The Top 6

The humble air purifier is a home appliance that has only increased in popularity over the years. Its ability to decontaminate your home’s air is unmatched by almost any other appliance and it has slowly become a staple for a lot of urban homes. 

…in a rush?

If you’re looking for the quietest and most thorough air purifier, then Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 should be your top pick:

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-550A White)
1,232 Reviews
Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-550A White)
  • The BioGS SPA-550A air purifier will filter all the air in a room up to 550 sq. ft. twice in an hour on the highest setting.
  • BioGS HEPA Filtration with 4 stages of purification and deodorization. The BioGS HEPA and Charcoal-Based Activated Carbon Filters will last up to three years, based on 12 hours daily operation. The...
  • An ultra quiet BLDC motor operates at five different speeds. It’s virtually silent at low speed.

Unfortunately, a common complaint with air purifiers is that they produce a lot of operational noise. The near-constant hissing of an air purifier may eventually get on your nerves – especially if you’re a light sleeper. 

The problem is that a lot of companies don’t necessarily advertise their product specifically as a quiet air purifier; so you’ll often have to do a bit of digging to find the best one! Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a super-comprehensive guide on some of the best and quietest air purifiers available. 

The 6 Best Quiet Air Purifiers:

Looking for the perfect air purifier can be like looking for a needle in a haystack – there are so many factors that you have to consider. However, if you’re looking for something quiet above all else, then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading as we countdown the top 6 best quiet air purifiers on the market.

1. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier (SPA-550A White)
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Don’t let the Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 air purifier’s unassuming size fool you – this little guy is actually one of the most high-tech and comprehensive air purifiers you can find on the market right now. With a 4-stage filtration system that can run at 5 different speeds, this high-end HEPA air purifier can filter out all the air in a 550 square foot room twice in an hour at the highest setting. All that while only standing at 22.2 by 16.6 by 9.8 inches!

The Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 air purifier ensures that all particles 0.3 microns in size are trapped with 99.97% efficiency and all particles less than 0.1 microns in size are trapped with 99.9% efficiency. This is made possible by its 4-stage filtration system which includes a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, BioGS true HEPA filter, and negative ion generator. All these systems work together to produce the cleanest air possible for any small to medium room. 

Apart from being very good at producing clean air, this air purifier takes it one step further by also making sure to minimize the amount of noise it produces. The Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 has a manufacturer reported noise level of only 22.8-48.6 dB (depending on which fan level you are currently using). This is comparable to the sound produced by someone whispering close to you, which clocks in at around 30 dB. 

The Rabbit Air BioGs 2.0 ultra-quiet air purifier is arguably the best air purifier at its price point. It offers you everything you want in an air cleaner in a compact, quiet, and energy-efficient package. It might be a little pricey for some people, but it is definitely worth it. 

Pros and cons:

  • One of the most thorough HEPA filter home air cleaners around 
  • Has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 152-189, which is very slightly higher than other small air filters
  • Almost impossible to hear at low settings
  • Filters might need to be replaced frequently, which is an added expense
  • Can be pricey for some people

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2. Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier with True HEPA and Eco Mode
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If you’re looking for a more robust and heavy-duty home air purifier then this next one might be your cup of tea. The Coway AP-1512HH is a true HEPA air purifier made for rooms up to 361 square feet. Boasting a CADR of 233-246 while only having a noise level of 24.4-53.8 dB, this air purifier is definitely one of the more powerful quiet air purifiers around. 

The Coway AP-1512HH features a 4-stage filtration system that’s composed of a washable pre-filter, odor filter, true HEPA filter, and vital ionizer. This setup allows for a 99.97% efficiency rate in capturing airborne particles sized 0.3 microns and bigger. Additionally, this air purifier includes an LED display that allows you to monitor the air quality in your room. 

All things considered, it’s just your standard quiet air purifier that got scaled up for a bigger room. With basic settings, fan speeds, and filtration systems, this specific model satisfies all the fundamental demands you might have from a high-end HEPA air purifier. You definitely can’t go wrong choosing this one.

Pros and cons:

  • Suitable for much bigger rooms due to its high CADR of 233-246
  • Comes with automatic filtration settings that adjust its fan speed according to the current air quality
  • Only has 3 fan speeds to choose from
  • Takes up slightly more space than the other options on this list

3. Levoit Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier with Custom Filters

LEVOIT Air Purifier H13 True HEPA Air Purifiers for Home Allergies and Pets Hair 24db Quiet Air Cleaner, Remove 99.97% Dust Smoke Odor Dander Pollen for Bedroom Large Room, Customized Filter, Core 300
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Coming in next on our list is the dependable Levoit Core 300 air purifier – a table-top air purifier that can stand toe to toe with some of the other options on this list. Despite only having dimensions of 8.7 x 8.7 x 14.2 inches, this small HEPA air purifier still boasts a respectable clean air delivery rate of around 140. This should be enough for most small rooms up to 215 square feet.

The Core 300 features a 3-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and Granular Activated Carbon Filter. This ensures that all particles as small as 0.3 microns can be trapped with 99.97% efficiency. Running at a reported average of 24 dB on its quieter settings, this air purifier will keep your bedroom clean without irritating any light sleepers.

To make up for its small size, the Levoit Core 300 tries to be a more specialized air purifier. It does this by allowing you to replace its filter with versions that are more geared towards eliminating certain airborne particles. Levoit’s specialized replacement filters include a pet allergy filter (pet dander and cooking smells), toxin absorber filter (air pollution and VOCs), and MB filter (germs and mold).

All in all the Levoit Core 300 HEPA air purifier is a slightly more affordable option that cuts costs in just the right places. Its smaller size and quiet operation make it perfect for bedrooms or offices – just don’t expect it to function as well in bigger rooms. 

Pros and cons:

  • One of the more affordable mid-range options on this list
  • Custom filters allow you to choose what you want your air purifier to focus on
  • Lacks some speed in cleaning since it only clocks in at 140 CADR
  • Only usable in small rooms

4. Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier

Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier for home with HEPASilent Filtration for Allergies, Pets, Viruses, Dust, Asthma, Odors and Smoke, WiFi Enabled, ALEXA compatible- Small to Medium rooms
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If you’re looking for a decent air purifier that specializes in convenience then this product might just be the one for you. The Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier is a 180 CADR rated HEPA air purifier that can actively filter out the air of any room between 300-400 square feet. It has measurements of 21 by 17 by 10 inches and weighs 25 pounds, making it a solid option for most small to medium rooms.

The Blueair Classic 205 implements special “HEPASilent” technology that promises to capture 99.97% of all airborne pollutants. It does this by employing both electrostatic and mechanical filtration systems which work hand in hand to ensure that all sizes of pollutants are accounted for. This includes pollen, mold, dust mites, pet dander, smoke, and viruses. 

What sets it apart from the others is the convenience it offers you with its ability to connect to wifi. Once connected the Blueair Classic 205 can be completely monitored and controlled through the partner app. This allows you to easily monitor air quality and switch fan speed whenever you want. As a bonus, voice control can also be utilized by connecting the air purifier to an Alexa device. 

With so many features alongside its already included “whisper quiet” operation setting, the BlueairClassic 205 air purifier is a versatile machine with a ton of great qualities. While it’s understandably one of the pricier options on this list, it definitely makes up for it with its stellar functionality and convenient usability. All things considered, the Blueair Classic 205 is a solid air purifier that almost anyone can appreciate.

Pros and cons:

  • Wifi and Alexa enabled
  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms
  • Can be a little pricey
  • Takes up a little more space than other air purifiers

5. Hamilton Beach 04384A TrueAir Air Purifier

Bargain hunters rejoice because this next product is for you! The Hamilton Beach 04384A is possibly the most affordable air purifier on this list. With 3 speed settings that can effectively clean the air of any room up to 160 square feet, this air purifier definitely offers a lot of bang for your buck. 

To further entice economical buyers, the Hamilton Beach 04384A air purifier also features a permanent pre-filter and permanent HEPA filter. This means that both of these filters don’t need to be replaced and can just be vacuum-cleaned, which effectively removes any added expenses that can be incurred due to future filter replacements. 

It’s very hard to be disappointed by something that works this well at this price point. The Hamilton Baech 04384A is everything you would want in an affordably priced true HEPA air purifier.

Pros and cons:

  • A very affordable option
  • Doesn’t require you to purchase replacement filters
  • Has pretty bare-bones features
  • Only suitable for small rooms

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6. Honeywell QuietClean Oscillating Air Purifier

Honeywell QuietClean Oscillating Air Purifier with Permanent Washable Filters, 29" x 11" x 10", Black
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This next product is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable option that still offers decent performance. The Honeywell QuietClean oscillating air purifier is a vertical tower-shaped purifier that promises much of the same things as some of the previous entries on this list; albeit at a much more basic degree. This model is perfect for anyone who just wants to try out having a quiet air purifier but doesn’t want to commit that much financially.

With a CADR of only around 100-132, the Honeywell QuietClean is one of the slower models on this list. However, it compensates for this by having an oscillation function which allows it to constantly change direction and cover a much larger area per sequence. This effectively allows it to clean the air of any room up to an area of 170 square feet. Its tower design also makes it perfect in slightly larger and more open rooms).

Similar to the previous model we just talked about, the Honeywell QuietClean air purifier also features permanent filters. This means that maintenance only requires you to regularly take out and clean both the pre-filter and clean filter. The difference here is that the Honeywell’s main filter is not a true HEPA filter, which is presumably why it can be offered at a much lower price than its competitors. 

That said, the Honeywell QuietClean oscillating air purifier definitely has its niche. Its affordable price point and easy-to-maintain nature make it perfect for someone who is only looking for a light-weight machine. Give this a try if you’re still on the fence about investing in a quiet air purifier. 

Pros and cons:

  • Another very affordable option
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Lacks a true HEPA air filter
  • Has one of the lower CADR ratings on this list 

Air Filter Buyer’s Guide

With so much jargon involved, choosing a quality air purifier can be confusing for the average consumer. This buyer’s guide should help give you an idea about some of the more important factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the right air purifier for you. 

a quiet air purifier

Types Of Filters

Perhaps the most integral part of an air purifier’s functionality is its filtration system. The filters are in charge of catching and collecting the airborne particles that compromise the air quality in your room. These particles typically include pet dander, dust mites, pollution, and bacteria among others. Listed below are some of the more common types of air filters that you’ll find while browsing any selection of air purifiers. 

  • Mechanical Filter: Apart from being the most common type of filter, mechanical filters are also the most fundamental. The mechanical filter catches minuscule airborne particles that are pushed through its dense web of fine fibers. HEPA filters fall under this category.
  • HEPA Filtration: High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are the gold standard of mechanical filters. They are a highly specialized variant of mechanical filters that trap up to 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. All filters that claim they utilize a HEPA filtration system must first be tested and approved by the appropriate testing body. 
  • Activated Carbon Filter: This type of filter specializes in removing odor-causing molecules from the air. Instead of catching particles, the activated carbon works sort of like glue, and most organic compounds not captured in mechanical filters will stick to it. 
  • Electronic Air Purifiers: Electrostatic precipitators and ionizers charge particles in the air so that they stick to the plates inside the machine. This is conceptually very similar to the reaction that happens between bits of paper and a balloon that was vigorously rubbed against hair.

What Is CADR?

Clean air delivery rate (CADR) is a metric developed by the Association Of Home Appliance Manufacturers to give consumers an idea about how effective an air purifier is at filtering various particles out of the air. To put it into perspective, a CADR of 150 for dust mites means that the appliance reduces the concentration of dust mites equivalent to the production of 150 cubic feet of clean air (or dust mite-free air) per minute.

Think of CADR as the air purifier equivalent to a car’s horsepower. The higher the CADR number, the more particles the air purifier can remove. The CADR number also gives you an idea about what kind of room the air purifier is suitable for. Low CADRs in the range of 60-195 are suitable for smaller rooms while CADRs in the range of 250 and above are much better for medium to large-sized rooms.


With so many different purifiers available, choosing the best quiet air purifier for your home can be difficult. Fortunately for you, this guide gives you everything you need to know about choosing the quietest air purifiers around. 

If you have a bigger space, then the heavy-duty yet super quiet Coway AP-1512HH might just be for you. If you’re looking for something smaller and more customizable, then the reliable Levoit Core 300 might just fit perfectly on your tabletop. If you’re low on funds, then the Hamilton Beach 04384A might be your cup of tea.

If you’re looking for the quietest and most thorough air purifier, then Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 should be your top pick.

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