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Garage doors let and lot of noise in and out, they can also make a lot of noise when they are opened. If you're looking for tips on how to soundproof your garage or you are looking for a good quality garage door seal or a quiet garage exhaust fan then look no further than our selection of garage soundproofing articles below.

how to soundproof a metal roof
How To Soundproof A Metal Roof: 5 Ways

Uninsulated metal roofs can be extremely noisy, especially during rainstorms. It is not uncommon for an uninsulated metal roof to be so loud during bad weather that it is impossible to hold a conversation inside the building. So if you are wondering how to soundproof a metal roof then below are 5 ways (for most […]

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quiet garage door hinges
Quiet Garage Door Hinges: Where To Buy & How To Use Them

Rusty, worn garage door hinges can make a lot of noise when your garage door is opening or closing. If you're looking for a set of quiet garage door hinges we recommend trying these: These are super heavy duty 14 gauge hinges. They can handle the weight of a very heavy wooden door without creaking, […]

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quiet garage door rollers
Quiet Garage Door Rollers: Which Ones Are Worth Your Money?

Garage door rollers are an often underlooked and under-valued component of automatic garage door systems. The truth is that the quality of your garage door roller actually plays an important role in your system’s overall smoothness, stability, and quietness. In a rush? Check out the quietest garage door rollers below: It’s the part of your […]

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quiet garage exhaust fan
The 3 Best Quiet Garage Exhaust Fans

Garage Exhaust Fans can be very noisy, this is because they need to be powerful so that they can quickly suck poisonous exhaust fumes out of your garage. If you have someone living above or next to your garage then it is important to keep garage noise to a minimum, so if you're looking for […]

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Garage Door Seals: Thresholds, Weather, Side & Bottom Seals

A garage door seal is a simple piece of kit usually made from a combination of aluminium and thermoplastic, rubber or vinyl. If you're in a rush check out the best garage door bottom seals below: ..and the best garage door side seals here: Garage seals are designed to stop things from entering (or leaving […]

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partially open garage door
How To Quiet A Garage Door: 9 Methods

If the sound made by opening your garage door makes your family wake up with a start, wondering if a thunderstorm has just started, then you need to take steps to quieten your garage door. Even if you have completely soundproofed your garage your garage door can still cause problems as most garage doors are […]

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man fitting garage door opener silencer
Garage Door Silencers: Quieten Your Garage Door Opener

If you have a bedroom above your garage a noisy garage door can be a big problem that can disturb sleep. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to quiet garage door noise including installing a garage door silencer. What is a Garage Door Silencer? A garage door silencer is a piece of […]

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garage door opener attached to garage ceiling
Quiet Garage Door Openers: The Best 5

So you've soundproofed your garage, you've fitted garage door seals to seal your garage door and yet every time you open your garage door the huge noise it makes disturbs everyone, from your baby sleeping in the room above to your next-door neighbours. If this sounds familiar then you would definitely benefit from investing in […]

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workmen at garage
How To Seal A Garage Door From The Weather

A poorly sealed garage door will cause problems. Wind and rain can easily leak through, dirt can blow under the door and vermin can find their way into your garage if you fail to get it properly sealed. Sealing your garage door will also help soundproof your garage which can be handy if you plan […]

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How To Soundproof A Garage: The Comprehensive Guide

The days when a garage was used for storing your car along with a few tools and tins of paint have long since gone. If you’re not using your garage to store all the junk you have no other space for then you may decide to use it as a home gym, music room or […]

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