Garage Door Silencers: Quieten Your Garage Door Opener

If you have a bedroom above your garage a noisy garage door can be a big problem that can disturb sleep. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to quiet garage door noise including installing a garage door silencer.

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What is a Garage Door Silencer?

A garage door silencer is a piece of kit that dampens vibrations caused by a manually opening garage door. It does this by decoupling your garage door opener from the ceiling thereby preventing vibrations from travelling through your ceiling and into the room above

Using a garage door silencer is a great way of making your garage door opener quieter, if you pair it with a quiet garage door opener then you can effectively open your garage door in near-perfect silence providing the door itself is well oiled and insulated to prevent unnecessary vibrations turning your door into a drum!

A garage door silencer is a great low-cost garage soundproofing solution for anyone who is having trouble with noise travelling into a room above the garage.

How Do Garage Door Silencers Work?

man fitting garage door opener silencer

Garage door silencers work by decoupling your garage door opener from your ceiling.

Usually, a door opening machine is attached directly to the ceiling meaning that vibrations can travel straight through the metalwork into the ceiling above with no dampening.

Garage door silencers consist of a metal frame which holds the garage door opener securely however instead of this being bolted directly into the ceiling it is connected to rubber feet which sit against the ceiling and are bolted in place, this help to dampen vibrations because the frame is not directly connected to the bolt, rather it is decoupled meaning that sound energy is significantly dampened before it reaches the ceiling.

Top Tip: Fitting garage door seals can help make your garage door quieter when closing.

The Best Garage Door Silencer Review

There aren’t a lot of products on the market in the garage door silencer market.

You don’t have to search far before you will stumble upon the RSIC-GDS Garage Door Silencer from PAC International.

Last time I checked it wasn’t available on Amazon but it comes and goes periodically so it is worth checking there:

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Alternatively you can buy it from online stores such as:

Most other products will be more or less a replica of this product with a few minor variations (that make no real difference in terms of sound dampening).

So how effective is it?

Well, that very much depends on the severity of your pre-existing garage door sound problem.

If you only currently notice small vibrations then using a door silencer could completely eliminate all sounds travelling through your ceiling.

If you can feel the floor shaking when the garage door is opened then using a door silencer may not completely solve all of your problems however it is likely to make a big difference.

Either way this product is well worth investing in if you are going to buy an automatic garage door opener as it will only cost a few additional dollars and has the potential to make a big difference.

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