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If your business is having problems with noise for example if your neighbours are disrupting your work then our office soundproofing tips are here to help, or if you're looking a for small soundproof phone booth for taking private business calls then look no further.

cubicall soundproof phone booth in an open plan office
Soundproof Phone Booths For Offices: Which Are Best?

A soundproof phone booth is a box (also known as a pod) engineered to ensure that your conversation inside it cannot be overheard. They feature advanced soundproof engineering which allows them to be well ventilated without any sound escaping. They typically come in lightweight modular units which can easily be transported around an office as […]

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busy restaurant
Restaurant Soundproofing: How To Do It

A restaurant’s atmosphere plays a huge role in the kind of experience you have when you eat out. It’s not just about good food but also about the lighting, the decor, and most importantly, the ambience noise level.  Other than poor customer service, high noise level is ranked as a diner’s second biggest pet peeve.  […]

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How To Soundproof An Office & Reduce Office Cubical Noise

Working from home is an increasingly popular alternative, with over five percent of the American population now working remotely. This surprising figure is only projected to rise in the future, and up to fifty percent of the newly mobile American workforce is expected to be working from home by 2027. What could be better than […]

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