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Your garden should be a haven of tranquility but if you live near a busy road or inconsiderate neighbours then your peace will be non-existant. If you have problems with noise outdoors our articles here explore which are the best sound absorbing plants you should grow to help dampen background noise as well as tips on how to reduce noise from outdoor machinery such as generators or lawnmowers.

How to Make a Lawnmower Quieter: 4 Steps

Lawnmowers often make a lot of noise (up to 95dB) due to their engine or the blades, noise can be considerably reduced by repairing and replacing worn parts or fitting sound deadening…

How To Reduce Traffic Noise In Your Backyard

Backyards or back gardens can be a great oasis in the middle of the suburbs. A few well-placed sound-absorbing plants, shrubs and trees (Junipers *amazon link* are a great choice) can help…