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build a soundproof box for your generator
How To Build A Soundproof Box For A Generator In 9 Steps

Regardless of what the size or brand your generator is, I’m sure that sometimes you reach a point when you feel you can’t bear its noise any longer, the same may also be true if you have a noisy pump or air compressor. Nevertheless, generators have become an essential item in our homes because of […]

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a red and black petrol generator
How To Make A Generator Quieter: A Complete Guide To Generator Silencing

If you experience a power outage or are camping in a remote area, a generator is an absolute pleasure to have. At times, it can literally be a lifesaver. A quick tip for reducing generator noise: Investing in a generator silencer which goes over the fan exhaust can make a big difference in reducing generator […]

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a grey garden shed with a brown wooden garden shed outside
How To Soundproof A Shed: The Complete Guide

Sheds make the perfect place to house a new drum kit or massive sound system. However if you fail to soundproof your shed your neighbors may not be too excited about your new purchase. Soundproofing your shed is necessary if you want to be able to use your drum kit in there without making enemies […]

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a small picturesque garden
How To Reduce Traffic Noise In Your Backyard

Backyards or back gardens can be a great oasis in the middle of the suburbs. A few well-placed pot-plants, shrubs and trees (Junipers are a great choice) can help deflect sound coming into your garden and provide you with a welcome break from the relentless visual assault of concrete, brickwork, tarmac and glass that fills […]

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