Category: How To Do Things Quietly

There are countless basic tasks which can make a ridiculous amount of noise. If you want to know how to do things like opening a squeaky door, opening a bag of chips or a can quietly or even sneezing quietly then you've come to the right place:

how to fart quietly
How To Stop A Fart From Making Noise: 4 Methods

Farting is completely natural but that doesn’t stop it from being embarrassing at times. Fortunately, you can minimize the sound by simply relaxing and adjusting your position. Before we get into it, let’s take a quick look at why these techniques work. The sound of a fart is controlled by two things; the volume of […]

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how to run quietly
How To Run Quietly: 6 Tips

Making simple, subtle changes to your running so you run more quietly can result in improving your overall technique and experience. Running quietly is exactly what it sounds like. You simply need to focus on making less noise each time your feet hit the ground. Quiet running (a.k.a soft or low impact running) is gentler, […]

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how to chew quietly
How To Chew Quietly: 9 Methods

These days, there are many things that we can soundproof, including our homes and appliances. However, sometimes we need to look at ourselves and see how we can chime down the audible sounds that we cause. Here we’ve come up with a few techniques to help you eat quietly, especially when in the company of […]

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how to blow your nose quietly
6 Ways To Blow Your Noise Quietly

If you, or someone you know, sounds like a trumpet every time you blow their nose then here are 6 tips you can utilize to help you blow your nose quietly: 1. Gently Blow One Nostril At A Time Close one of your nostrils by pressing it shut using your finger. Then gently blow through […]

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how to sneeze quietly
How To Sneeze Quietly: 7 Effective Techniques

If you're anything like me your sneezes always happen at the most inconvenient of moments. Whether you're on an important call, in the middle of a lecture or giving an important work presentation, sneezes always seem to happen at the most disruptive times. Sneezes are both loud and (crucially in the age of Covid) unhygenic, […]

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how to open a can quietly
How To Open A Can Quietly: 4 Methods For Soda & Beer Cans

Carbonated drinks are noisy. While they're not going to damage anyone's hearing they are loud enough to be disturbing if you open it in the middle of a class, library or somewhere else where silence is required. Cans make two types of noise: The metal seal breaking makes a noise as you pull up the […]

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how to pop a balloon quietly
5 Easy Ways To Pop Balloons Quietly

If you're tidying up your kids party while they sleep or you just hate the noise of balloons popping then learning how to pop balloons quietly is essential. Below we have 5 easy methods you can use to ensure that you can deflate all of your balloons without disturbing or scaring anyone: 1. Pierce The […]

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squeaky door hinge
How To Open A Squeaky Door Quietly: 5 Methods

Squeaky doors are annoying. This is especially true if the squeaky door in question is your child's bedroom door and you want to sneak out without waking them, if it's the door into a quiet library or if you simply want to sneak somewhere without everyone being aware that you are coming. Oiling the hinges […]

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how to open champagne quietly
How To Open Champagne Quietly & Safely

Champagne is known as a celebratory drink that opens with a big bang and a shower of liquid spraying everywhere as the cork flies off into the distance. However opening a bottle of champagne doesn't have to be noisy, in fact it shouldn't be noisy at all if done correctly. To open your champagne quietly […]

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a bag of chips
How To Open A Bag Of Chips Quietly: 4 Methods

Chip bags are noisy. If you're in a class, a library, or other institution where eating or making noise is frowned upon then here are some tips you can use to open a bag of chips quietly and ward off your hunger without alerting everyone else in the room to what you're doing: 1. Slowly […]

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