Category: How To Do Things Quietly

There are countless basic tasks which can make a ridiculous amount of noise. If you want to know how to do things like opening a squeaky door or a bag of chips quietly then you've come to the right place:

how to pop a balloon quietly
5 Easy Ways To Pop Balloons Quietly

If you're tidying up your kids party while they sleep or you just hate the noise of balloons popping then learning how to pop balloons quietly is essential. Below we have 5 easy methods you can use to ensure that you can deflate all of your balloons without disturbing or scaring anyone: 1. Pierce The […]

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squeaky door hinge
How To Open A Squeaky Door Quietly: 5 Methods

Squeaky doors are annoying. This is especially true if the squeaky door in question is your child's bedroom door and you want to sneak out without waking them, if it's the door into a quiet library or if you simply want to sneak somewhere without everyone being aware that you are coming. Oiling the hinges […]

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how to open champagne quietly
How To Open Champagne Quietly & Safely

Champagne is known as a celebratory drink that opens with a big bang and a shower of liquid spraying everywhere as the cork flies off into the distance. However opening a bottle of champagne doesn't have to be noisy, in fact it shouldn't be noisy at all if done correctly. To open your champagne quietly […]

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a bag of chips
How To Open A Bag Of Chips Quietly: 4 Methods

Chip bags are noisy. If you're in a class, a library, or other institution where eating or making noise is frowned upon then here are some tips you can use to open a bag of chips quietly and ward off your hunger without alerting everyone else in the room to what you're doing: 1. Slowly […]

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how to practice violin quietly
4 Ways To Practice Violin Quietly

Playing the violin requires dedication, diligence and regular practice. However, practicing at home can be met with limitations as we all know the violin can be loud and other people don’t tend to appreciate hearing hours of violin practice. Fortunately, you can easily reduce the sound of your violin by using a practice mute, using […]

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how to hammer quietly
How To Hammer Quietly: 6 Ways

Hammering is noisy. If you live in a terraced house, a flat, apartment or a shared home then your essential D.I.Y jobs can quickly become the bane of someone else's life. Hammering nails into walls in the evenings when your kids are sleeping isn't going to make you any friends, yet for many of the […]

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how to make a toilet flush quietly
How To Make A Toilet Flush Quietly: 5 Ways

Excessive toilet flush noise is not an uncommon problem. Whether the noise is coming from the flush or from the sound of the cistern refilling toilet flush noise can be disruptive, particularly if your bathroom is next to a child's bedroom or anywhere else where you'd rather be discreet. Thankfully there are plenty of ways […]

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