How To Open Champagne Quietly & Safely

Champagne is known as a celebratory drink that opens with a big bang and a shower of liquid spraying everywhere as the cork flies off into the distance.

However opening a bottle of champagne doesn’t have to be noisy, in fact it shouldn’t be noisy at all if done correctly.

To open your champagne quietly and safely follow these steps:

1. Make Sure The Bottle Is Properly Chilled

Chilling the bottle helps to decrease the pressure inside thus minimising the chances of it exploding when opened.

If you are concerned that the bottle feels like it is likely to explode then it is a good idea to put it inside the freezer for 20 minutes prior to opening it to further reduce the pressure.

2. Dry The Bottle

Take a towel and dry the bottle thoroughly.

Making sure that the bottle is dry will allow you to keep a firm grip on it, preventing it from slipping out of your hands and ensuring that you can control it properly.

3. Remove The Foil

Use a knife to take the foil off the cork (if there is any).

If your bottle has a cage do not remove this...this will come off with the cork.

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4. Hold The Bottle At 45°

Angling the bottle at 45° means that when the bottle is opened the pressure will hit the bottom of the bottle neck so won’t explode out of the bottle with the same force.

5. Loosen The Cage


Rotate the cage wire 6 times to loosen the cage.

6. Hold The Cork While Twisting The Bottle

Using your non-dominate hand place your thumb on top of the cork and grip your hand around the cork holding it firmly in place.

Then use your dominant hand to twist the bottle. You can either twist it back and forth or twist round and round.

As you do this hold the cork tight so that it doesn’t twist with the bottle.

After a couple of twists you should feel the cork beginning to push out.

Keep hold of the cork and slowly allow it to ease out.

champagne cork in cage

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