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If you're having trouble with pet noise then you've come to the right place. Whether you want help finding a suitably quiet pet for your kids or you want to know how to make the hamsters wheel quieter you can find the answers here.

noisy aquarium filter
How To Quiet A Noisy Aquarium Filter

Aquarium filters should be quiet. Fish are meant to be quiet pets that provide a relaxing visual experience - a noisy filter will ruin that. While older style air pump driven filters tend to be a bit noisier (humming and trickling) than their modern counterpart, the power filter, neither should be particularly noticeable when functioning […]

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quiet hamster wheel
The Top 6 Quiet Hamster Wheels

A noisy hamster wheel can ruin your sleep. Hamsters are nocturnal animals who can run up to 9km (5.5 miles) miles per night. If their wheel is squeaky that can mean several hours of interrupted sleep. In a rush? Check these out: While there are things you can do to quieten your hamster's wheel, the […]

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choosing a quiet hamster wheel
How To Quiet A Hamster Wheel: 7 Methods

Hamsters are generally quiet pets, yet the one common complaint that many owners have with them is the noise their wheels make. Hamsters are nocturnal animals who tend to be very active during the night. A squeaking hamster wheel when you are trying to sleep is not ideal, here are 7 methods you can use […]

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quiet pets
Top 10 Quiet Pets For Apartment Living

We have a dog called Rufus who likes to bark...a lot. Thankfully we got him after moving out of our old two-bed apartment. You can try and soundproof the dog crate as much as you want but having a noisy dog in an apartment simply doesn't work. If you live in an apartment you need […]

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How to Soundproof a Dog Crate or Kennel & Tips To Stop your Dog Barking

There are several reasons you may be looking into soundproofing your dog’s crate and fortunately there are multiple ways of doing this so no matter what your budget, timeline or living situation we can help you solve the problem with ease. Investing in two or three (or four) acoustic blankets and using these to cover […]

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