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When you're enjoying time at home or sleeping in your bed the last thing you want is noise waking you up and disturbing you. Whether you live in an apartment, a terraced house or anything else we have plenty of tips here whether you're looking to comprehensively soundproof a door or a window, or you simply want a good soundproof curtain to help muffle road noise or a soundproof rug to help dampen footfall noise in your apartment then we can help.

how to fix squeaky box spring
8 Ways To Fix a Squeaky Box Spring

A creaky box spring can get incredibly annoying, especially if you share the bed with another person. Every time you climb on the bed or one of you changes position, the bed makes a squeaking sound.  There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night because of noise from your bed. But […]

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how to soundproof a wall
How To Soundproof A Wall Effectively: Cheap Methods For All Walls

Soundproofing your walls is crucial to effectively soundproof any room. Walls take up the most surface area in any room so there are plenty of opportunities for sound to leak through all over the place. Due to the size of your walls soundproofing them will have far more impact than soundproofing your doors or windows […]

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how to soundproof stairs
How To Soundproof Stairs: 5 Methods

Do you want to get rid of noisy steps? Do your stairs seem to squeak every time you use them?  In today’s article, we’re looking at how to soundproof stairs, but we’re also explaining to you the anatomy of a stairwell and why it matters in choosing the right sound-deadening technique.  Why Are Your Stairs […]

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how to soundproof a laundry room
How To Soundproof A Laundry Room: 10 Steps

The laundry room is most likely the loudest room in your house—minus the playroom if you have little ones. While some people don’t mind the background humming of a washing machine, the disturbance can get quite annoying when you’re watching a movie in the next room, and the washer or dryer goes on the final […]

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how to soundproof a door
12 Ways To Soundproof A Door

Sometimes the most effective way of keeping noise out of a room is to soundproof the door. Below we talk you through some of the most effective door soundproofing methods such as fitting bronze weatherstripping and acoustic thresholds to some quick low budget methods such as using a draft excluder or door drapes. Method Effectiveness […]

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soundproof window plug
Soundproof Window Plugs: How To Make Them

We couldn’t and wouldn’t imagine our home without windows. Windows allow fresh air and natural light to pass through—but they’re also the place where most noise pollution enters our space to disturb us day and night.  If you’re desperately searching for a way to stop the noise, soundproof window plugs may be the solution you’ve […]

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how to soundproof a concrete wall
How To Soundproof A Concrete Wall

Concrete is perceived as being a great soundproofing material, however this is not entirely true. Yes, concrete is great at stopping air-borne sound, such as someone talking, from passing through it, but it is not good at preventing impact vibrations traveling through it. This is because it is completely dense, if you hit it with […]

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soundproofing a woodern floor
How To Soundproof A Floor: The Complete Guide

Floors are a common source of noise in buildings. If you live above noisy neighbors then the benefit of soundproof flooring is obvious, but even ground floor rooms can benefit. This is because flooring insulated against sound not only reduces vibrations before they travel into walls and any adjacent rooms but it also deadens sound […]

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How To Soundproof Floor Joists

Floor joists typically run across the entire width of a house, in some cases terraced houses may share floor joists. This means that heavy footsteps or other impact noise made in a room can easily travel through the floor joists and be heard in the adjacent room or building. Soundproofing your floor joists is one […]

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view from a rain soaked window
How To Stop Rain Noise on Windows: 10 Ways

Many people find the sound of rain outside comforting, but if you’re not one of them and you find it disrupting, you’re probably looking for ways how to stop rain noise on windows.  Heavy rain hitting glass will inevitably cause a loud noise, but there are ways to muffle these sounds so you can fully […]

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