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When you're enjoying time at home or sleeping in your bed the last thing you want is noise waking you up and disturbing you. Whether you live in an apartment, a terraced house or anything else we have plenty of tips here whether you're looking to comprehensively soundproof a door or a window, or you simply want a good soundproof curtain to help muffle road noise or a soundproof rug to help dampen footfall noise in your apartment then we can help.

soundproofing a woodern floor
How To Soundproof A Floor: The Complete Guide

Floors are a common source of noise in buildings. If you live above noisy neighbors then the benefit of soundproof flooring is obvious, but even ground floor rooms can benefit. This is because flooring insulated against sound not only reduces vibrations before they travel into walls and any adjacent rooms but it also deadens sound […]

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How To Soundproof Floor Joists

Floor joists typically run across the entire width of a house, in some cases terraced houses may share floor joists. This means that heavy footsteps or other impact noise made in a room can easily travel through the floor joists and be heard in the adjacent room or building. Soundproofing your floor joists is one […]

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view from a rain soaked window
How To Stop Rain Noise on Windows: 10 Ways

Many people find the sound of rain outside comforting, but if you’re not one of them and you find it disrupting, you’re probably looking for ways how to stop rain noise on windows.  Heavy rain hitting glass will inevitably cause a loud noise, but there are ways to muffle these sounds so you can fully […]

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a clean white room
How To Soundproof A Ceiling: 8 Methods That Work

Are you getting tired of listening to your neighbor’s Zoom calls or Zumba classes from above? Having some peace and quiet can be difficult when your ceiling is someone else’s floor.  As you well know, noise travels very easily between walls, floors, and ceilings. Most floors are built on wooden joists with panels or floorboards […]

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How To Stop a Door From Slamming: 10 Methods

A door slamming can be startling, annoying, and will disturb your peace and quiet.  Below we look at the best methods you can use to stop a door slamming to prevent the unexpected loud noise and vibrations that come with it.  Here’s how to stop a door slamming: Check the hinges.  Apply felt pads.  Install […]

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does carpeting your walls help soundproof them
Does Carpet On Walls For Soundproofing Work?

Carpeting your walls doesn't help soundproof them, yet it can help improve the acoustics of a room if done correctly. Ideally, carpet should be hung around 125mm away from a wall instead of secured directly to it, this will create an air trap which will help deaden sound. Sticking carpet directly to a wall will […]

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how to install soundproof foam
How To Hang Acoustic Foam: 3 Easy Methods

Installing high-quality acoustic foam panels is an easy and affordable sound dampening solution that anyone can do in one afternoon.  In this guide, we’re going to talk about how to install acoustic foam panels in your own home. If you’re setting up a recording studio, an entertainment room, or a soundproof workspace, then everything you […]

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worker fitting drywall
Soundproof Drywall: Does It Work & Is It Worth The Money?

Soundproof drywall does work and is a very effective noise control solution. Soundproof drywall, also known as soundproof plasterboard or sound dampening gypsum board, has an extra layer sandwiched in the middle which is made up of gypsum, viscoelastic polymers and ceramic material. Combined together these form a layer within the drywall that makes it […]

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soundproof window film
Window Soundproofing Film: Everything You Need to Know

The right window soundproofing film is a permanent solution to your noise problem. Other solutions include eliminating gaps, installing the correct type of glass, and adding soundproof curtains that can help you enjoy your peace and quiet.  To maintain a peaceful internal environment in your house or office, you want to use the best acoustic […]

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is styrofoam a good insulator?
Is Styrofoam A Good Insulator: A Comprehensive Guide

With applications in engineering, construction, transportation, and crafting, styrofoam is probably one of the most versatile materials on earth. But what exactly is styrofoam? How is it made? And is styrofoam a good insulator of heat? To summarise, Styrofoam is made up mostly of air, it is cheap and is very durable all of which […]

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