8 Ways To Temporarily Soundproof A Wall

As we all know, sound travels. It is even able to travel through some walls. We become especially aware of this fact when we have particularly noisy neighbors.

When you are in a rented space, such as an office and an apartment, this can be even more annoying as you may not be allowed to make any permanent adjustments.

This is not the end of the world, however, as there are temporary adjustments that can be made to soundproof a wall. These adjustments also do not require an excessive amount of money to be spent.

1. Move Large Items Of Furniture In Front Of The Wall

The first and most simple solution to your noisy problem is to rearrange your furniture a little bit.

Placing large pieces of furniture in front of the wall through which the sound is traveling is an excellent way to dampen the noise. The bigger and heavier the item of furniture, the better.

furniture against blue wall

Moving things such as large bookcases that are full of books or cabinets in front of your wall will reduce the space between you and the wall. This, in turn, will greatly reduce the sound that travels through.

To really soundproof your wall, you may even combine this with some of the other ideas in this list!

2. Hang Dense Moving Blankets

The next method of temporarily soundproofing a wall is to hang dense moving blankets. These blankets are also known as soundproof or acoustic blankets.

Originally made to protect your belongings whilst moving, these blankets have been found useful in other areas too, such as soundproofing rooms or walls.

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Because these blankets are quite thick and dense, they make for excellent sound absorbers. The ones that are made of fiberglass or polyester are even better at doing the job.

They are generally quite reasonably priced, but if you are not looking to spend any money on them, you could also use old blankets you have around the house.

Old household blankets will not be as effective as the moving blankets would be as they are not quite as dense. However, if you are on a budget, they should do just fine.

3. Use Soundproof Room Dividers

Despite the common speculation, soundproof room dividers are not only completely effective, but they are also extremely useful.

Although they do not necessarily block out the sound completely, they do an impressive job of greatly reducing the sound that travels through into your apartment or office.

soundproof room dividers

There are a number of different kinds of soundproof room dividers, so you are sure to find one that suits your preferences.

Types of soundproof room dividers that are available include standing room dividers, soundproof curtains, and even screens.

Soundproof room dividers are great because they can be put just about anywhere and are super easy to move around if necessary.

They should be especially effective if they are used up against a wall and not just to separate parts of a room.

4. Seal Any Gaps In The Wall

One of the more permanent solutions in this list of temporary fixes is to seal any gaps that are in the wall. Anywhere that air can pass through is a place where sound can pass through too.

Some may not think to considerer it, but even the spaces around plug outlets can let sound through.

fix ceiling holes to help soundproof it

For best results, the holes or gaps should be sealed with acoustic caulk.

Acoustic caulk is a glue-like compound that does not only seals the holes or gaps in the wall but also soundproofs, so it will reduce the sound traveling through.

Although acoustic caulk can be a bit pricey, it is well worth the expense.

5. Hang Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass Loaded Vinyl, or MLV, is an effective soundproofing material. It is in fact one of the best soundproofing materials available for insulating impact noise, however, it is also useful in reducing airborne noise.

a roll of mass loaded vinyl

The Mass Loaded Vinyl can be installed and hung on the wall to reduce the sound that travels through it as it is thick and made of fat sound dampening material.

This solution may not be the best choice for everyone as Mass Loaded Vinyl can be quite pricey and the installation is time-consuming. However, it is one of the best ways of temporarily soundproofing a wall.

6. Try Soundproof Wallpaper

Should you have the ability to make more permanent adjustments to your space, a great option for soundproofing a wall is soundproof wallpaper.

soundproof wallpaper a myth

Unlike regular wallpaper, soundproof wallpaper is made of slightly different materials. It is made with a few different layers which work to dampen and even block the sound.

Soundproof wallpaper is not only an effective solution to your noise problem, it can also be used to freshen up the design of the area as they come in many great colors and designs.

7. Try Soundproof Paint

Another solution that comes with its fair share of speculations is soundproof paint.

Despite what some may say, soundproof paint is as effective at absorbing sound as any of the other temporary solutions in this list if it is used correctly.

man painting a wall with an extended roller

It will not manage, however, with excessive noise. With a nominal or regular amount of sound, this paint is effective in what it is meant to do.

Soundproof paint is incredibly thick. Like all paints, it works best if a few layers are applied.

Whilst this may not seem like a temporary solution, it is easily changed. It can be painted over if need be.

You could also match it to the existing color of the wall and no additional changes will be needed.

8. Build A Temporary Second Wall Using Giant Foam Lego Building Blocks

A fun and alternative solution to your problem that you can get your kids involved in are to build a temporary wall in front of your existing wall using giant foam Lego building blocks.

Although a non-conventional solution, using giant foam Lego building blocks is an effective way to soundproof a wall.

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By building an additional, temporary wall in front of the existing wall, you will be increasing the space between your space and the noise.

The thickness and density of the foam Lego building blocks are especially effective in dampening sound. Although silly, this can be a fun, low-cost project to do with your kids.

It is an especially useful solution if the noise problem is not consistent, and you only need to dampen the sound for a few hours or a day or two.

For situations that require a more permanent solution, however, we recommend making use of one of the other solutions listed in this article.

Final Thoughts

Noisy neighbors can be a pain in the neck, but you do not have to suffer from the noise. Do not let the noise get you down, rather get up and alter your surroundings slightly to fix the issue!

Even if the space you are in is rented, there are solutions that can be put in place temporarily.

Whilst some may be slightly more permanent, such as painting your wall with soundproof paint, it can be painted over again if necessary.

There are also solutions that are as simple as rearranging some furniture or applying soundproof wallpaper.

For situations that do not require a full-time solution, you could even work with your kids to build a wall with giant foam Lego building blocks.

No matter what your situation is, there is sure to be something you can do to finally get some peace and quiet.

If you find you need a more long-term soundproofing solution then read our article on how to soundproof a wall (permanently).

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