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Fans can be very noisy, whether it's a loud laptop fan or PS4 fan noise, a desk fan or any other type of fan that is causing you noise problems then don't worry because you can find tips and tricks to quieten your fans here. If you're looking to completely get rid of your noisy fan then you can also find lists of recommended quiet fans to buy below.

a quiet air purifier
Quiet Air Purifiers: Counting Down The Top 6

The humble air purifier is a home appliance that has only increased in popularity over the years. Its ability to decontaminate your home’s air is unmatched by almost any other appliance and it has slowly become a staple for a lot of urban homes. a rush? If you’re looking for the quietest and most […]

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quiet garage exhaust fan
The 3 Best Quiet Garage Exhaust Fans

Garage Exhaust Fans can be very noisy, this is because they need to be powerful so that they can quickly suck poisonous exhaust fumes out of your garage. If you have someone living above or next to your garage then it is important to keep garage noise to a minimum, so if you're looking for […]

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ps4 fan loud
PS4 Fan Loud? Fix Your Noisy PS4 Fan Easily

With a powerful GPU and a wide selection of high-quality games, the PlayStation 4 is undisputedly one of today’s best home consoles. But sadly, it often irritates users with a common problem; fan noise which often gets worse over time. As a quick guide here are the 3 best things to do to fix your […]

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10 Best Quiet Fans: Quiet Cool Fans For Sleeping Reviewed

A fan is one of the most cost-effective ways to regulate the temperature in your home. However, they can be very noisy, particularly when you have to turn them up high to combat the peak summer heat. If excessive fan noise is causing you problems then you've come to the right place, keep reading for […]

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Why Is My Computer Fan So Loud: 5 Ways To Fix Loud Laptop Fan Noise

While a noisy laptop fan can be a sign of potential problems, it is possible to troubleshoot and solve these issues in a matter of minutes. If you've ever asked "Why is my computer fan so loud?" then this article is for you. We have collected five of the most common causes of a loud […]

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How To Make A Room Fan Quieter: 8 Tips

Rotating fans are a cheaper cooling and ventilation alternative to air conditioning. However, through time, wear and tear can cause them to make buzzing or rattling noises while operating. Before you go and buy yourself a brand new quiet desk fan (amazon link) you should know that most fans are relatively simple machines that can […]

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