About Soundproof Panda

Unwanted noise can be much more than a minor irritation.

It can make your home a stressful place to live in and it can significantly reduce your sleep quality.

It is a proven fact that poor quality sleep can lead to depression, hormone imbalances and general poor performance and inability to concentrate.

Dan (the author of this website) lives in a new build home on a main road which is not far from a very well known sporting stadium.

I am no stranger to disturbed evenings and disturbed nights caused by crowd noise and a very busy road.

I also occasionally work from home and have to work through the playground shrieks of over 200 children at the primary school just over the road.

As a father of a toddler who is still a very long way from mastering how to sleep through the night I am keen to find anything that will help my toddler sleep for longer and will help me enjoy better quality sleep in the moments in between.
This is me, busy thinking about soundproofing.
…poor quality sleep can lead to depression, hormone imbalances and general poor performance and inability to concentrate.
Soundproofing is therefore something that I have been very interested in for a long time as it has the potential to make a significant difference to my life!

When I initially set out to soundproof a door and a wall I found that there were loads of different methods that professionals were suggesting, the range of opinions on the best way to soundproof anything was bewildering.

Soundproof Panda is an amalgamation of all the research and knowledge I have acquired over the course of my own soundproofing journey.
The name Soundproof Panda came about for two reasons:
  1. I like alliteration – Proof and Pandas both begin with P.
  2. I like animals – Pandas are generally thought of as being solitary creatures who appreciate a quiet life. Many zoos will strictly instruct you not to make noises or sudden movements around the Panda enclosure so I have no doubt that they would appreciate a well soundproofed room (maybe I should suggest soundproofing to my local zoo).Pandas clearly have the important things in common with me; they don’t like being disturbed by loud noises – This makes them the perfect animal to associate our website with.
By using Soundproof Panda to document what I have learnt on my journey to soundproof my own home, my hope is that it will become a go to place for people who want simple and helpful soundproofing solutions explained clearly. Thanks for checking out our about page, if you have any more questions, tips or suggestions please get in touch via our contact page or our Facebook page.
Welcome to Soundproof Panda,

I'm Dan, I live very close to an internationally famous stadium which generates an awful lot of noise that I'd rather block out.

This is my place to document what I've learnt on my soundproofing journey.