How To Open A Bag Of Chips Quietly: 4 Methods

Chip bags are noisy.

If you’re in a class, a library, or other institution where eating or making noise is frowned upon then here are some tips you can use to open a bag of chips quietly and ward off your hunger without alerting everyone else in the room to what you’re doing:

1. Slowly & Carefully

This method will require patience.

Normally opening a bag of chips takes less than a couple of seconds.

a bag of chips

If you want to be stealthy about it you are going to have to take much longer, it may potentially take you up to a minute to quietly open a bag of chips.

Heres how to do it:

  1. Make sure when you are handling the bag (taking it out of your backpack etc) that you don’t apply pressure to the packet as this will create noise, instead cradle it gently and only pick it up by the seam. This will prevent unnecessary rustling.
  2. Use both hands to pinch the bag of chips just below the opening seam on both sides of the packet.
  3. Very slowly apply small bursts of pulling force to the bag, gradually increase the force until the seal begins to open.
  4. Space each pull out by a couple of seconds.
  5. Keep pulling the seal apart with short spaced out pulls until the bag is fully open.

2. Use Scissors

scissors can be used to quietly open a bag of chips

If you have scissors available then thes are an easy way of avoiding making a lot of noise when opening your chip bag.

Be aware that blunt scissors will crush the bag a certain amount before they make a cut, this could create some noise.

Sharper scissors will slice through the bag much more silently.

3. Use A Noisy Distraction

a loud cough can cover the noise of opening a bag of chips

A coughing fit, a door slamming or a phone ringing can all create adequate noise cover to allow you to open a bag of chips without being heard.

As soon as you (or someone else) starts coughing quickly rip open the bag before the coughing stops.

Likewise if you see that a door is about to slam then get your fingers ready on the chip bag so that you can open it in sync with the slam of the door.

4. Put Them In A Ziploc Bag Or Tupperware Container In Advance

chips in tupperware

This strategy requires some pre-planning so is not much use if you are in a situation right now where you need to open a chip bag quietly.

However if you are planning ahead then emptying out your chip bags into either a ziploc bag or a tupperware container will make it very easy to acces your chips quietly.

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