Are Hotel Walls Soundproof?

In short, no, most hotel rooms are not completely soundproof. However, some hotels may have rooms that are slightly more sound resistant than others.

This will have a lot to do with what the walls of the hotel room are made of. 

Cheaper hotels or motels are more likely to have rooms that let in more sound than hotels that cost slightly more to stay at. When you stay at a higher-rated hotel, you are paying not only for the service but also for the facilities.

This means that fancier hotels probably had a higher budget for building, meaning they could spend more on soundproofing the walls

If you are in search of a room that has the best possibility of being soundproof, there are a few things to look out for. Firstly, consider your budget.

are hotel walls soundproof

Very cheap rooms are not likely to have many properties built into their walls to account for proper soundproofing. 

Next, check the room before you book it.

Most people do not think to check what sort of room they are getting when they book. Doing so could help you to find one that suits your preferences best. 

Avoid booking a room that has an adjoining wall with the room next door. Doors are a prime location to let noise through, so avoiding unnecessary adjoining doors is recommended.

You should also request a room that is well away from popular areas of the hotel.

A room nearer to the back of the hotel is often preferable to one that is close to the bustling lobby. 

Other rooms to avoid are ones near elevators and ice machines.

These machines are another unnecessary source of noise which, most times, can be avoided. 

What Are Hotel Walls Made Of?

Depending on the environmental situation of where the hotel is located, the materials used to build the walls of the hotel may differ slightly.

For example, a hotel located in an area that is prone to earthquakes will need to be built out of stronger and sturdier materials. Generally, hotel walls are made of layers of drywall. 

home getting fitted with soundproof drywall

Although, what the wall is made of is not as important as with is included between the walls.

The insulation between the walls is what most affects the amount of sound that can travel through the wall.

Walls with more layers and insulation will provide better soundproofing than walls that are thin and have little to no insulation. 

Are Hotel Walls Thin?

The thickness of a hotel’s walls depends on a few things.

The first thing that determines the thickness of the wall is its location.

A wall that leads to the corridor of the hotel is typically built to be slightly thicker than hotel room adjoining walls. This has more to do with building regulations than with soundproofing the room. 

hotel room

The other thing that determines the thickness of the hotel’s walls is the building budget.

If the budget for building the walls of the hotels is tight, builders or contractors will do the bare minimum in order to stay within their budget.

Cheaper hotel rooms are likely to have thinner walls than hotels that cost a bit more to stay at. 

Hotels that had a larger building budget will likely spend more money on the overall structure of the hotel, including the thickness and insulation of the room walls. 

Are There Any Hotels With Completely Soundproof Walls?

Whist most hotels do not offer truly soundproof rooms, there are a few that try their best.

The Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport Hotel offers double-paned, soundproof windows.

The Broome Hotel New York offers rooms with Citiquiet Soundproof windows.

To top these two off, the O’Henry Hotel offers actual soundproof rooms thanks to the double walls between the rooms! 

a hotel room

Unfortunately, to find hotels that truly offer soundproof rooms takes a bit of persistence and digging.

Do not jump at the first mention of the word ‘soundproof’ as a lot of the hotel’s website summaries will state their rooms are soundproof.

Upon deeper digging into the room’s actual amenities, you will likely find that just their windows have been soundproofed. 

Final Thoughts

Whilst most hotels do not actually have soundproof walls, as they might state, with a bit of luck, you will strike gold in your search.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a cheap place to stay, you cannot count on the walls being any thicker than they absolutely have to be.

If you require a room to be truly soundproof, you will have to be willing to pay the price for this luxury. 

More expensive hotels were likely developed with bigger building budgets than ones that cost less to rent.

This means that these hotels are more likely to have been built with thicker walls and more insulation than is necessary so to offer the extra amenity of being soundproof.

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