Quiet Garage Door Hinges: Where To Buy & How To Use Them

Rusty, worn garage door hinges can make a lot of noise when your garage door is opening or closing.

If you’re looking for a set of quiet garage door hinges we recommend trying these:

Quiet Kit: Garage Door Hinge & Roller Tune Up Kit for 8x7 or 9x7 w/nylon rollers
10 Reviews
Quiet Kit: Garage Door Hinge & Roller Tune Up Kit for 8x7 or 9x7 w/nylon rollers
  • This garage door kit is not your standard tune up kit! It comes with extremely heavy duty 14 gauge hinges and premium quality quiet nylon rollers. This kit is great for any door and would be perfect...
  • Kit Includes the following: (5) #1 14 gauge hinges (2) #2 14 gauge hinges (2) #3 14 gauge hinges (2) Adjustable Top Roller Brackets (10) Premium Quiet Nylon Rollers

These are super heavy duty 14 gauge hinges. They can handle the weight of a very heavy wooden door without creaking, groaning or warping over time.

This kit is designed for an 8-foot wide x 7 foot high or a 9-foot wide x 7-foot high garage door, you can use it on smaller doors too.

As well as quiet hinges the kit also includes premium quiet nylon door rollers and adjustable top roller brackets.

Things That Make Garage Door Hinges Noisy

quiet garage door hinges

Regular lubrication is essential to keep hinges operating efficiently and avoid as a way of avoiding unnecessary wear and tear.

Below are a few things to watch out for:

  • Metal Filings & Dust: If you notice metal filings or metallic dust around your hinges then this is a sure sign that they are slowly been worn away when in use.
  • Pin Hole Shape: If the hole which connects to the pin is oval instead of round this indicates that the hole has been made larger due to the pin wearing away at the hinge over time.
  • Overloading: If you have a heavy garage door (such as a wooden one) hung on weak hinges they will creak and groan under the strain and will eventually fail, this is very dangerous.
  • Loose Bolts: Over time bolts can loosen, a poorly attached hinge will be much noisier than a secure one.

If you notice metal filings or an oval pinhole shape then chances are your hinges are already quite noisy.

Every time you open the door metal elements in the hinge are scraping against each other.

This is indicative of a lack of lubrication. Your best option is to replace them now and then ensure you keep on top of lubricating your new hinges.

If your hinges seem to be stuggling under the load of a heavy door they should be replaced immediately to avoid a dangerous accident.

How To Keep Your Garage Door Hinges Operating Quietly

garage door hinges being oiled

Providing you’ve installed the correct hinges for your garage door keeping the running smoothly and quietly is easily done.

Here are three things to do to keep them in top condition:

1. Lubricate The Hinges

Lubricating your hinges is the most effective thing you can do to keep your garage door working quietly and efficiently, it will also significantly extend their life.

Hinges, along with door springs, rollers and tracks, should be lubricated every three months if your garage door is getting daily use.

This will prevent moisture from getting into the hinge and rusting it, it will also prevent it from drying out which will cause parts to start grinding against each other.

2. Tighten Hinge Bolts

Over time weather changes and regular door movement can cause bolts nuts and screws to loosen.

If bolts securing your hinges become loose this will allow for more movement in the hinge when the door is moving which will create a lot of noise.

Hinge bolts should be checked and tightened every six months.

3. Clean The Hinges

It is not uncommon for leaves, dust and other things to get trapped in hinge mechanisms.

This will make the hinge noisier and cause it to move less efficiently, it can even jam the hinge eventually.

Hinges should be checked and cleaned every six months too.

If you find anything trapped inside a hinge open and close the garage door slowly and carefully to help ease it out.

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