Hoover Telios Extra – Quiet Vacuum Cleaner Review

As someone who has three very hairy pets (a cat and two dogs) and three children under the age of 5 having a quiet but highly effective Hoover is essential for me.

All too many vacuums either promise silence but don’t pack the necessary power to get rid of the pet hair, or they can get rid of the hair but they wake the kids up in the process with their excessive noise.

I was therefore excited to get my hands on the Telios to see if it could deal with pet hair efficiently while also not waking the baby up in the evening…

telios extra hoover review


Hoover Telios Extra
Noise Level (dB)64
Energy consumption (kWh/Annum)21
Power (W)550
Accessories includedAll floors nozzle
carpet nozzle
parquet nozzle
pet turbo nozzle
crevice tool
dusting brush
furniture brush
Bag capacity (liters)3.5
Height (mm)237
Width (mm)443
Depth (mm)300
Weight (kg)5.03


Telios Extra Vs Cat Hair:

We used the per hair nozzle for this one, as you can see it made a significant difference to my cat hair saturated sofa with just a couple of strokes.

Telios Extra Vs Rice:

We used the All Floors Care nozzle for this, it had absolutely no problem devouring all the rice with just one sweep.

Telios Extra Vs Flour:

Again we used the All Floors Care nozzle for this, you can see the effects of just one sweep cutting cleanly through the flour above.

Telios Extra Noise:

The demo video above shows the difference in noise between the max power setting and the min setting, according to Hoover even at the max power setting the noise levels do not exceed 64dB.

In fact I’m making more noise from dragging the nozzle across the floor (due to the impressive suction) than the engine is making!


Every time I buy a Hoover I’m baffled by the array of different nozzles that come with them, if you’re anything like me you’ll choose one that looks like it will do the job for most things and then never change it ever again.

On the rare occasion that you realize you need a different nozzle you’ll have no idea where on earth you put them.

Thankfully the Telios Extra has a handy storage space where the crevice tool, dusting brush and furniture brush all neatly hide away inside the body of the vacuum:

(unfortunately, there’s no room for the other 3 big nozzles in there though!)

In addition to those tools it comes with 4 main nozzles:

  • The Pet Hair Remover Nozzle – Designed for getting pet hair out of carpets and furniture.
  • The Carpet Optimax Nozzle – Designed specifically to get every bit of dirt out of a carpet.
  • The Parquet Extra Nozzle – This has soft natural bristles to ensure that you don’t scratch your parquet floor.
  • The All Floors Care Nozzle – The all-action nozzle, works great on tiled, wood and carpeted floors.


It doesn’t have an integrated TV or WiFi connectivity but frankly who cares, they aren’t going to make your home any cleaner are they!

It does however how some handy features that make it easy and efficient to use:

1. Eco+ Performance System

With Hoover’s Performance System 4 Eco+ built-in, you can breathe easy knowing your vacuum is powered by an efficient and powerful motor that actually releases clean air for all those living within it.

Not only does this mean it purifies the air in your home but the engine is also highly efficient using up to 60% less energy than comparable models.

2. Intense Silent power

Hoover has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the Telios is one of their quietest cylinder vacuums.

They have used innovative insulation materials combined with optimizing the airflow and utilizing a special silent nozzle to achieve a very low noise level output of only 64 dB.

3. Large Dustbag

The large 3.5L dustbag means that the Telios won’t be needing regular dustbag changes.

4. 10M Cord

The extra-long 10m cord means you can vacuum thoroughly without having to constantly relocate to new plug sockets around your home thus speeding up the process.

Our Verdict

My hopes for this Hoover were simple:

  1. that it would deal with pet hair efficiently without having to go over the same spot numerous times.
  2. that it wouldn’t wake the kids up when I vacuum the landing in the evening.

It passed on both counts so I’m very happy and would happily recommend The Telios Extra to anyone looking for a quiet but powerful vacuum cleaner.

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