5 Of The Best Soundproof Exercise Mats

All exercise mats will help to dampen sounds but some mats do this a lot more effectively than others.

Having a thick, high-quality mat beneath your feet, or your exercise machine, will help to reduce sound and vibration from workouts.

Instead of traveling across the floors, the sounds will be slowed and reduced by the material of the mats so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.

Below we review 5 of the best soundproof exercise mats on the market so you can find one that meets your needs. 

1. Floor Works Exercise Mat 

Exercise Bike Mat, Treadmill Mat for Hardwood Floors - Excersize Mats for Floor Mats for Exercise Equipment and Noise Reduction - Sound Absorbing Mat PVC Free Workout Floor Mats for Home Gym

The first exercise mat on our list is this large, 6ft x 3ft, option from Floor Works.

This mat is the perfect size for placing underneath exercise machines to absorb sound and protect the floor underneath.

Larger mats also provide more space for floor exercises so your movement won’t feel restricted.

This mat has 2/5 inch padding which offers a good thickness for people who are used to thin yoga mats.

The added thickness helps to effectively absorb noise and vibrations while still giving users a solid platform to exercise on.

The extra padding also makes this mat comfortable for yoga, stretching, and other floor activities. 

This mat is made from synthetic rubber, it is free from vinyl, PVC and plastic so it doesn’t have that strong plastic/ chemical smell of some exercise mats.

The carry strap is ideal for storing and moving the mat around, you can take it to the gym and roll it up when not in use.

This large exercise mat is also lightweight but thanks to the thickness of the material, it doesn’t try to roll itself up when in use.

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Another important feature of this mat is the grippy texture that offers stability when exercising.

This soundproof mat is particularly well suited to reducing the noise of treadmills and for floor exercises for people with sensitive joints looking for extra cushioning. 


  • Large size
  • Can be used underneath exercise machines
  • 2/5 inch padding


  • May be too large for some home workout requirements

2. BalanceFrom Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom 2

This Tri-fold exercise mat is slightly slimmer than the Floor Works option at 6ft x 2ft.

However, it is much thicker with a 2 inch foam padding. This thick foam makes it a great mat for pilates and similar floor exercises.

The padding effectively absorbs the sound of movement and jumping etc. 

Although 2 inches of foam is a lot, this is high-density EPE foam so it is firm and supportive.

The stiffness of the padding makes the mat suitable for running quietly in place, jumping etc. as it helps to have foam that isn’t too soft underfoot.

The mat also has good grip so won’t slide around during exercises. 

The foldable design makes storage easier and completely removes the issue of mats trying to roll themselves up when in use.

The folding design does mean this mat has stitching so this has been made to be heavy-duty and long-lasting to prevent the stitching from coming apart.

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The surface is non-absorbent vinyl that can easily be wiped clean after use. 

This is a low cost option that is designed for shock absorption, durability and sound reduction. The thick, foldable mat looks great and offers a supportive base underfoot. 


  • 2 inch foam q
  • Tri-fold design 
  • Supportive high density EPE foam


  • May be too thick for yoga

3. BalanceFrom GoCloud

BalanceFrom GoCloud All-Purpose 1-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap (Black), 71

A mat that offers a good balance between thickness and size is the GoCloud.

This mat is 1 inch of padding so is thicker than standard exercise mats meaning it can reduce sounds more effectively but isn’t so thick that users will feel unsteady. 

This mat is made from high-density foam and has non-slip on both sides to add stability.

The material is durable and anti-tear while still being light enough to carry to exercise classes.

The mat is also moisture resistant so you can wipe it clean after use. 

This is an all-purpose exercise mat so it is suitable for yoga, floor exercises and home gym use.

This sound-reducing mat does not have a strong smell either, something many people look out for when getting a new exercise mat. 

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  • Sturdy yet cushioning 
  • Excellent sound reduction 
  • Moisture resistant 
  • 1 inch high density foam


  • Does stretch slightly during certain exercises

4. Gaiam Essentials Thick Exercise Mat

The Gaiam Essentials Thick Exercise Mat is a good choice for people wanting a mat to take to the gym and classes. The mat is 2/5″ thick providing slightly more cushioning than a standard mat.

This is comfortable to exercise on and the additional padding helps to absorb sound and vibrations. 

The textured grip offers additional stability for improved performance.

You can place this exercise mat down on any floor type and it won’t slide around.

This mat is 6ft x 2ft so offers a large space for working out. 

Despite being thicker, this mat rolls easily and can be secured with a carry strap for ease of use. This is an excellent all-purpose mat for use on the go. 

Unlike the other mats we have looked at, this one is made from NBR foam.

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This may have a slight smell at first but the material is non-toxic. It’s best to air this mat out at first to help get rid of any odor from the material.

Aside from this, the Gaiam Essential mat is a good value option that offers soundproofing whether you’re exercising in the studio or a home gym. 


  • 2/5 inch thick 
  • Good sound absorption 
  • Carry strap for easy portability 
  • All-purpose option


  • NBR foam often smells at first

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Mat 

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Gymnastics Exercise Mat - Extra Thick with Carry Handles - for Exercise, Yoga, Workouts, Fitness, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Gym Mat, Cardio, Tumbling

The final soundproof exercise mat on our list is the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Mat. This offers a similar tri-fold design to the BalanceFrom mat.

The padding is high-quality, equally distributed and is excellent at absorbing sounds. 

This mat can be used for most exercises and activities, it is versatile and offers support where it is needed.

The folding design is good for storing and transporting the mat without worrying about the padding becoming worn or damaged.

This helps to keep it like-new for longer. 

The mat also has a vinyl cover that is resistant to damage and can be wiped clean as needed.

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The cover is actually removable which is an excellent feature for easy cleaning.

The carry handles are convenient for moving the mats around. 


  • 2 inch thick padding
  • Low cost
  • Removable cover
  • Absorbs sounds effectively


  • Cover not machine washable 

What Makes An Exercise Mat Soundproof?

A good exercise mat will help keep you safe by reducing the risk of slipping, protect your floors from damage and, if you choose carefully, will help to reduce sound and vibration too.

soundproof exercise mats

All exercise mats will help reduce noise to some extent but there are a couple of key factors you can look out for to get the most soundproofing from your new mat.


A thicker exercise mat is able to absorb vibrations more effectively than thinner options.

Thinner mats will still help to reduce noise a small amount but it will be barely noticeable.

The mats with less foam tend to be better for yoga as it gives you a better connection with the ground while thicker mats are better for other exercises.

Choosing a thicker mat will reduce noise and vibrations and will also offer a more comfortable base for floor exercises. 

When choosing a thicker mat, it is important to consider the firmness of the foam.

A slightly firmer foam is better as it provides a more stable platform for jumping, burpees etc. while still being supportive.


Rubber mats are excellent for noise reduction as they prevent high-impact sound.

They do this by dispersing the energy through the material which significantly reduces the volume of the impact.

exercise mat choice is key

Rubber is a common material for exercise mats. 

The other material worth considering is high-density foam, this is a lightweight option that is durable and reduces sound well.

Other Key Factors 

When looking for a new exercise mat, make sure it is: 

  • Durable – As exercise mats degrade they become less efficient and will lose a lot of their soundproofing qualities. That is why choosing durable mats made from high-quality materials is important. If you notice the mat is becoming worn and damaged, it’s time to invest in a new one. 
  • Non-slip – For your safety while exercising, make sure both sides of the mat provide a grippy, non-slip surface. 
  • Easy to clean – All exercise mats should be able to be wiped clean after use. This helps to keep them in good condition and free from odor. 
  • Portable – Many of the exercise mats we have reviewed come with a carry strap to make it easy to take them to and from the gym. These features help to make these lightweight mats more versatile.


Exercise mats are a great way of reducing sound made during exercising and larger mats can be placed underneath exercise machines such as bikes, rowing machines and treadmills to help reduce the vibration and sound helping you to exercise quietly.

Exercise machines tend to produce a lot of vibration and the faster you run or cycle the more sound and vibration there will be.

A thick mat will help put a soundproof layer between the machine and the floor reducing the impact and volume of the sound as well as the distance it travels.

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