How To Make A Toilet Flush Quietly: 5 Ways

Excessive toilet flush noise is not an uncommon problem.

Whether the noise is coming from the flush or from the sound of the cistern refilling toilet flush noise can be disruptive, particularly if your bathroom is next to a child’s bedroom or anywhere else where you’d rather be discreet.

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to make your toilet flush quieter.

Below are 5 methods:

1. Install A Quiet Fill Flush Valve

If your toilet makes a lot of trickling noise when the cistern is filling up then a quiet fill flush valve will solve your problems.

Quiet fill valves work by using an outlet pipe to feed the water back into the cistern below the waterline.

This means you won’t hear a thing when it refills.

They come pre-installed on quiet flush toilets however you don’t need to buy a whole new toilet to benefit from one, you can buy quiet flush valves separately and fit them in your cistern.

Be aware that fitting a flush valve can be a very fiddly job (I’ve tried and while I managed in the end it wasn’t easy at all!), so unless you have some experience it is best to hire a plumber or someone with some experience to do it.

2. Tighten Pipes

Take a screwdriver and manually check in and around the cistern for any loose fittings and clamps.

Loose fittings can cause unwanted noise when your toilet is flushing

Tighten these up as much as possible though be careful not to close the water inlet valve otherwise your toilet won’t refill at all.

Don’t just do visual checks but actively try and move fixtures using the screwdriver to ensure they are thoroughly tightened.

If your inlet pipes are still making a lot of noise after tightening them read our guide on how to soundproof a pipe.

3. Adjust Water Inflow

Another reason for a noisy flush is the speed at which the water refills.

If you are letting a lot of water back into the cistern at a fast rate this can be noisy.

Adjusting the inlet valve so that the water flow is slowed down can reduce noise, be aware the cistern will take longer to fill up.

4. Reduce The Amount Of Water In The Tank

Noisy flushes can also be caused by large tanks which store a lot of water.

a flushing toilet

If your toilet has more than enough water to flush solids away with ease then putting a brick in your cistern will displace water meaning the cistern will fill fully with a smaller volume of water.

Less water flowing into the toilet bowl will reduce toilet flush noise and also help save water.

5. Block The Sound

While you could soundproof your entire bathroom an easier method is just to soundproof the toilet cistern itself.

The easiest way to do this is with adhesive foam tape. Once you’ve got some, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cistern lid and clean the top and inside edges of the cistern.
  2. Stick your adhesive foam tape around the top edges of your toilet tank.
  3. Push the tank lid back into place, it should create a much tighter fit which will be airtight meaning airborne sound will be unable to travel out so your cistern should better mute toilet noise.

…for more soundproofing you could also use a toilet cistern cover.

These are like boxes which fit over your cistern, you could pad the insides of these out with acoustic foam to help further dampen sound.

We hope this article has helped you in your quest to make your toilet flush quieter, thanks for reading.

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