The Best Soundproof Carpets & Underlay That Actually Work

Carpet can make a significant difference to the acoustics of a home, the right carpet can help soundproof a room and decrease footfall noise by as much as 30 decibels.

While a thick carpet with underlay underneath will help significantly, purpose-made soundproof carpet underlay is engineered specifically to reduce noise, you can view some of the best ones below:

*STC Rating is a score that measures how effective something is at sound dampening, the higher the number the more sound it can block.
**IIC Rating is a score that measures how effectively a product can absorb impact noise such as footsteps, the higher the number the more impact sound it can deaden.

The Best 3 Soundproof Carpet Underlays:

1. FloorMuffler Ultra Seal Underlayment

FloorMuffler Ultra Seal Underlayment 300SF
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FloorMuffler is a company that makes high-quality acoustic underlay made specifically to reduce noise – and this Ultra Seal underlayment is one of their best-performing products yet.

This product is made off close celled propylene foam and comes with an STC rating of 73 and an IIC rating of 74, which makes it one of the best sound absorbing products on this list!

The incredibly dense construction significantly inhibits sound transfer, which allows you to soundproof floors almost effortlessly.

All you really need to do is to install this roll under your carpet or flooring. It’s easy to work with and you should have little to no problems getting it to lie flat on your floor. 

It’s true that this product doesn’t exactly come in at an entry-level price point. However, you are paying good money for one of the best performing soundproofing products around. Trust us, your carpeted floors will never sound quieter!


2. QuietWalk Laminate Floor Underlay

MP Global Products QW100B1LT Laminate Flooring Underlayment with Attached Vapor Barrier Offering Superior Sound Reduction, Compression Resistant and Moisture Protection, 3' x 33'4", Blue
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If you have laminate floors (or you’re looking to install laminate floors), then this next product is for you!

QuietWalk laminate floor underlay is specifically made to be used with laminate flooring to improve its acoustics and to prolong its life.

It has a special moisture-locking feature that stops water vapor from leaking into the laminate, which prevents it from rotting or developing mold.

QuietWalk’s underlay is specially designed to reduce noise. It is made with recycled fibers that absorb sound and prevent it from traveling to other rooms.

It is also compression resistant and will retain its shape even when subjected to heavier weights.

If you have click-together laminate flooring, then QuietWalk is also perfect for making sure that your floor is as even and straight as possible.

QuietWalk laminate floor underlay is one of the best soundproof flooring materials if you have laminate floors.

It will keep your laminate floors safe from moisture-related issues while simultaneously ensuring that they are absorbing as much sound as possible.

You won’t even need a carpet with these installed!


3. Roberts Quiet Cushion Acoustic Underlayment Roll

ROBERTS 70-180 100 Square Foot Quiet Cushion Premium Acoustical Underlayment Roll
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Roberts underlayment roll is an acoustic underlay material that can turn any carpet into a soundproof carpet.

This is an underlay roll made with Progressive Foam technology that is designed for supreme sound reduction and impact absorption.

It is rated with an IIC score of 69 and an STC rating of 67, which is even higher than some mass loaded vinyl rolls.

However, it isn’t as thin and can definitely add some height to your carpet.

All you need to do to install this carpet underlay is to cut it out to the dimensions of your carpet and stick it right under.

Though, it is made of foam so you might need to weigh it down a little to get it to lie down flat.

You can also use mild adhesive to get it to stick right where it needs to be.

Perhaps the main selling point of this carpet underlay is its cross-linked foam construction.

This makes it very good for moisture protection and shock absorption. It is also mold and mildew resistant, which should protect any hardwood floors you might have.

While it’s not as easy to work with as some of the other products on this list, Roberts underlayment roll is still a really good product for soundproofing the floor of your home. It’s especially good if you’re constantly annoyed by loud footsteps.


Soundproof Carpets: Do They Really Work?

Most carpets already have sound reduction properties built into their construction.

They can help in reducing the sound of footsteps or falls, but they do very little when it comes to airborne noise.

They’re also typically made of materials that easily allow sound to pass through.

This is why many people choose to supplement them with special carpet that can help increase their sound reduction abilities. 

pulled back carpet with underlay

Soundproof carpets and underlay help you turn any noisy floor into one that lets minimal sound through.

If you want a quick and easy way to hush the acoustics of your household, then soundproof carpets and underlay materials are a good option.

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How Does Soundproofing A Carpet Work?

Noise pollution is something many people struggle with.

Having a lot of noise in your home can lead to low levels of productivity, which can become detrimental in the long run. It can also interrupt your sleep and ruin your ability to get adequate rest. 

You might be thinking “then just close all the windows to prevent airborne noise from entering your house” – well, that is definitely a solution for noise that comes from outside your home, but what do you do if the noise comes from inside?

What if you live in an apartment building with noisy tenants below?

What if footsteps in your home are becoming unbearably loud?

Thankfully, solving these problems is pretty easy. All you need to do is to introduce a material into the area that absorbs sound waves and prevents them from bouncing around. A soundproof carpet does exactly that! 

large roll of soundproof carpet awaiting installation

Installing soundproofing materials on the floor of your home will provide you with a large surface that will easily capture sound waves.

They are typically made of materials that prevent the reflection of sound waves. This means that any sound wave that hits your carpet will be absorbed instead of reflected back at your ears.  

Common Sound Proof Flooring Options

There are lots of different flooring materials that can improve your carpet’s soundproofing capabilities.

Soundproofing your floor is all about getting creative and finding the perfect mix of products that compliment your home set-up.

Here’s a list of the type of materials you should keep an eye out for:

1. Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl is a popular soundproofing product for good reason. It is a thin and flexible material that is easy to cut-out and install. Despite its thinness, mass loaded vinyl has a very high material density.

This means sound cannot bounce itself off of it and instead disperses along its surface. It’s frequently used under carpets or wallpaper to improve a room’s ability to keep sound out.    

2. Sound Deadening Floor Insulation/Underlay 

Sound deadening floor insulation is often installed under the flooring itself.

However, it can also be used on top of the floors if you want a quick fix to a noisy room.

Sticking it under a carpet you might already have will effectively increase its soundproofing capabilities.

3. Thick Rugs

Thick soundproof rugs work in much the same way that soundproof carpet does, it provides an extra soft cushion to dampen sound on your floor.

The only difference being that it is a rug so it won’t cover the entire floor, instead a rug is a good option if you have a high traffic part of the floor that you want to quieten.

siblings watching tv on rug

4. Acoustic Floor Tiles

These things are exactly what you think they are; floor tiles that focus on reducing the amount of sound that can bounce off of them.

While they aren’t sound absorbers like the previous two materials, they still do wonders in reducing echoes and reverberation.

They also come in many different styles and you should be able to find one that fits your home perfectly.

What To Look For In Soundproof Flooring?

Not every product is marketed specifically for soundproofing.

This means you will need to carefully inspect and read up on the products you’re interested in.

Doing this should give you an idea of how effective they’re actually going to be at soundproofing.

The following qualities are what you need to specifically look for when you’re in the market for soundproof flooring. 


A good rule of thumb is that the denser the product is, the better it is for soundproofing.

Products with lots of mass are harder for sound to pass through and bounce off of.

You can normally get an idea about how dense a product is by its thickness and weight.

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

Sound transmission class is a numeric rating that is applied to soundproofing products to give you an idea of how effective it is at isolating sound.

The higher the STC number, the better it is at controlling noise.

Feel free to ask sellers about a product’s STC rating since most products manufactured specifically for soundproofing will have it listed somewhere. 

how to determine STC rating

Impact Insulation Class (IIC)

Impact insulation class is a numeric rating that gives you an idea of a product’s ability to absorb impact noise (such as footsteps).

IIC is commonly used to rate flooring or floor constructions and should be used as a point of reference when buying tiles. 


Living in a crowded home means lots of people will be moving around.

This tends to create a lot of noise, which might impact your ability to focus or rest.

Fortunately, soundproofing your floors can be easily achieved with the help of the right soundproof flooring materials.

This handy guide above gives you everything you need to know to ensure that your carpeted floors stay as quiet as ever. 

If you have laminate floors that you need quietening and protected, then we recommend going with QuietWalk laminate floor underlay.

If you value performance over everything else (and you have the budget for it), then we recommend FloorMuffler Ultra Seal underlay. 

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