Soundproof Door Curtains: Do They Actually Work?

Doors and windows are the first things you need to consider when you have an issue with noise entering or leaving a room.

Sound travels through the easiest passages with the least resistance, which can be gaps around these areas or simply through the door—especially if it’s hollow.

Looking for an effective soundproof door curtain?
We recommend these:

  1. Producers Choice Noise Control Door Cover
  2. Audimute isolé
  3. Grommeted Moving Blanket
  4. The Acoustidoor

Apart from sealing the gaps around the edges and replacing the actual door, there is a simple solution when it comes to soundproofing doorways.

Soundproof door curtains are affordable and easy to install, but do they actually work? Let’s take a look in detail. 

What Is a Soundproof Door Curtain?

Also known as soundproof door covers, soundproof door curtains are just what the name describes—a sound-blocking fabric panel that hangs over the door frame. 

an orange door curtain

There are different types available; some of which decrease echo in the room and lower sounds coming in and out, and others which are designed to totally block sound entering and exiting the space. The latter is what we’re going to focus on today.

The high-quality fabric panel is attached over the door at the top and hangs down flush against the wall, though it can be rolled up out of the way when not required.

How Do Soundproof Door Curtains Work?

Soundproof door curtains are made with premium, thick materials, usually in two or three layers (sound-blocking and decoupling), designed to insulate and dampen sounds.

By increasing the mass and density of the door and covering the gaps around the frame, the cover absorbs sound energy, removes sound reflections and significantly reduces noise.

interior door curtain

The curtains are usually built to your door measurements, though you will find some ready-to-buy with standard door measurements.

The soundproof door cover is then installed above the door or door frame to cover the area.

There needs to be extra fabric on the sides to ensure it covers the door frame and any gaps around. 

How Effective Are Soundproof Door Curtains at Blocking Sound?

If you’re buying regular soundproof curtains, this will only reduce your noise issue by a few decibels.

The main benefit of this product is that they muffle echoes in the room.

Specialized soundproof door curtains or covers however, are thicker, heavier, and denser to dampen sounds. 

soundproof door curtains

While they won’t make your doorway soundproof as such, they will dampen sounds coming in and out by a lot.

As long as you buy a quality material designed to block sound rather than just reduce echoes, you should notice a big difference in the amount of sound transfer through your door.

How To Install a Soundproof Door Curtain

Begin by measuring your door frame and adding a few inches to the height and width to order your soundproof door curtains.

The product you choose will determine if it will be made to measure or you check the measurements of the standard model to see if it will fit your door.

You may also get to choose the color of the fabric to match the aesthetics of your room.

Depending on the type of cover you invest in, you will either need to install a curtain rod or hooks above the door frame.

an empty curtain rail on a wall

Most feature grommets along the top, which require hooks to hang from.

As the curtain is extremely heavy, make sure you use heavy-duty hooks or the included hardware that came with the product. 

Make sure to completely cover the door and leave a couple of inches of fabric hanging either on side of it. It should also reach the floor, so double-check the measurements of the curtains before you hang the pole or hooks. 

Some people also add hooks around the sides and base of the door to ensure the cover is flush against the door without gaps.

If your curtains don’t have holes for this, sew some ties to the sides and base to attach to the hooks or nails on the wall.

Reviews of the Best Soundproof Door Curtains

Here’s a look at some of our favorite soundproof door curtains available.

1. Producers Choice Noise Control Door Cover

This double-layered soundproof curtain helps to significantly dampen the noise through doors by absorbing sound energy.

The noise reduction is rated to be up to 100 percent, depending on the types of sounds.

Users have installed this door cover in music studios, as it also significantly improves the acoustics in the room. 

The cover is made from an outer poly/cotton material and pure recycled cotton with added polyester for extra resiliency. It measures 38 by 90 inches and weighs 11 pounds. 

There are four grommets along the top, as well as two on the bottom corners to hold it flush to the wall. 

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  • Up to 100 percent noise reduction. 
  • Recycled materials used. 
  • Bottom connectors to hold it flush to the wall.


  • Hardware not included.
  • No side connectors.

2. Audimute isolé – Sound Barrier and Absorption Sheet

Audimute isolé - Sound Barrier and Absorption Sheet - Sound Blocker - Soundproofing Sheet (Steel)

This soundproof door curtain is a good choice if you’re eco-conscious. The proprietary eco-C-tex sound absorption material consists of a blend of recycled cotton and requires less energy to produce than other sound-blocking materials.

There’s Peacemaker 3.2mm green material included in each sheet to block sound, which contains more than 80 percent post-consumer recycled rubber.

This cover is safe for your family’s health as it contains no toxic, carcinogenic, or fiberglass materials.

The combination of high-density materials makes the Audimute isolé ideal for absorbing and blocking sound—in fact, up to 75 percent of soundwaves that contact the curtain are absorbed. 

The cover is a standard size, at 82 inches by 34.5 inches, and weighs approximately 20 pounds.

It comes with included hardware to hang the metal grommets from at the top.

There’s no side or bottom connectors, but it’s heavy so hangs pretty flush to the wall.

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  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Hardware included.
  • Heavy.
  • Absorbs up to 75% of sound waves.


  • No side or bottom connectors. 
  • Rubber smell upon opening.

3. Grommeted Moving Blanket

WEN 272812 72-Inch by 80-Inch Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets, 12 Pack

This industrial moving blanket can also be used as a soundproof door curtain. It features reinforced metal grommets every 9 inches along the top so it can hang over your door securely and evenly. 

The outer material is a non-woven polyester, and the dense filler material is cotton and polyester to significantly dampen noise and vibrations.

Users say it not only reduces sound transfer through the door of varying frequencies but it also improves the acoustics of a room by removing ambient noise. 

The cover is double-stitched for durability, measures 78 by 72 inches, and weighs around 8 pounds.

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  • Improves acoustics.
  • Dampens noise and vibrations.
  • Reinforced metal grommets.


  • Bad smell in the beginning.
  • No side or base connectors.

4. The AcoustiDoor™ Soundproofing Door Cover

This model has to be one of the best soundproof door curtains out there. It’s designed to reduce noise by 30 decibels, or up to 87 percent. To deflect soundwaves and block sound, the cover uses a dense, sound-blocking core,

The made-to-measure curtain is thick and heavy, averaging between 10-15 pounds. Other features include thermal and light-blocking properties, as well as a choice from a variety of colors to match your decor. 

The AcoustiDoor™ is held up by grommets along the top. The purchase includes industrial hangers that can be nailed into your door frame or drilled in the wall above.

The manufacturer designed the hooks to minimize impact to your wall, so you can use it in rental homes.

The cover is held snugly against the wall using Velcro along the sides to ensure that sound doesn’t seep around the edges. It takes only a few minutes to install and can be easily retracted with sewn-in straps when you want to let in light, sound, and fresh air in again. 


  • One of the most effective sound-blocking curtains on the market.
  • Sewn-in straps to fold it out of the way. 
  • Thermal and light-blocking properties. 
  • Velcro along the sides to keep it flush to the wall.
  • Industrial hangers included. 
  • Easy to install. 


  • Pricey.

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Draw the Curtain

We’ve come to the end of our short guide all about soundproof door curtains. Hopefully, you have a clear idea now about what they are and how they work. 

Soundproof door curtains are an affordable and effective solution for reducing any noise coming in or leaving a room.

They’re easy to install and can also improve the thermal and acoustic properties within your living space. If you’re searching for a quick solution to your noise issues, this may be just what you need. 

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