How to Make Heels Quieter Using Heel Silencers & Other Methods

High heels can be very noisy, particularly on hard floors.

While some people may find heel noise attractive, it can also be disturbing and annoying.

If you work in a quiet office or you are just particularly conscious of the noise your heels make then there are ways you can silence them without having to give up wearing them altogether.

The best ways to make your heels quieter are:

In this article, we’ll explore in more depth to make your heels quieter using heel silencers and other methods.

Why Do Heels Make Loud Noise?

The click-clacking sound isn’t directly related to the height of your heels. Other factors contribute to noise. 

The Way You Walk

Everything starts with the way you walk.

The type of shoes doesn’t matter if you’re walking the wrong way.

Walking almost silently is not impossible if you adjust the way you walk.

the way you walk impacts how much noise your heels make

Some people make noises, even walking even in flats.

The way they stomp their feet is the reason for creating a hazard wherever they go. Walking should be soft and elegant. 

You should know that walking in heels is different than walking in flats.

Usually, when we walk in our flat shoes, we follow a pattern of lifting then landing with our heels first. 

Following this pattern, when wearing heels, will just add pressure on the heels. Resulting in louder noises.

Walking in heels is totally different. 

When you wear heels, try lifting your feet in a parallel position to the ground. Your feet shouldn’t be higher than 1 or 2 inches. Then, slide your feet along step by step slowly. 

Once you learn how to walk on heels the right way, you can wear any type of heels without worrying about making noise. 

The Shape of the Heels

Heels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and heights. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to choose. 

heel shape impacts the noise they make

If noise is a primary concern to you when buying heels then it’s a good idea to avoid heels that are too thin. The thinner the heels, the louder they’ll be.

You also should avoid large heels such as wedges and clogs, especially if they’re made of wood. 

The Materials of the Heels

The first factor that’s directly responsible for the loud noises is the materials of your heels. Usually, heels are made of wood, metal, and leather. Sometimes other materials are added, such as rubber, to create more flexibility within the heels. 

The reason for creating heals out of hard materials such as wood and metal is balance. Only these materials are strong enough to withhold the weight without losing balance while moving around. 

These materials are loud, especially wood. As we all know, wood doesn’t absorb sound at all. That’s why it’s used to create musical instruments. So, walking on hard floors will create a loud noise.

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The Size of the Heels 

Another reason for the click-clacking sound of your heels is wearing the wrong size. It’s better to buy heels that are half a size bigger than your usual shoe size as your feet are bound to swell.

So, you should leave room for your feet to be comfortable when that happens. 

how to quieten noisy heels

However, the problem with this is that bigger shoes make more noise because instead of lifting your heels, you’ll be dragging them along.

Dragging creates squeaking and clacking sounds.

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Worn-out Heels

Usually, your heels are covered with other materials. So, your heels may be silent at first, or they may have a moderate sound. 

Once your heel tips wear out, they’ll make more noise. They’ll need repairing because the metal is now touching the ground.

Wondering how you can fix them? Read on to find out.

How to Make Your Heels Quieter Using Heel Silencers

To make your heels quieter, use the following heel silencing methods.

1. Heel Caps

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Attaching heel caps at the bottom of your heels will decrease the sound when walking. It won’t stop the noise completely, but it won’t be as loud as it is without it. 

Heel caps are also useful for protecting your heels from damage. A damaged heel may cause posture problems, so it’s something to watch out for. 

Once you attach these caps, your heels will be more balanced. You’ll find yourself comfortable and walking with more stability. 

Heel caps are usually invisible. They can also come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. It all depends on the shape of your heels.

2. Gel Cushions

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Gel cushions are self-adhesive and invisible. They’re so easy to attach inside your heels. You just place them there and they stick. 

They’ll absorb your heel noises. Since they’re invisible and positioned inside your heels, no one will notice any change.

These cushions are soft on the feet. They’re especially useful for protecting your toes from blisters. When walking in heels, the feet are usually pushed forward. This pressure is painful. 

If you add gel cushions inside your heels, your feet will be secure in their place. They won’t slide forward and cause you any discomfort.

Gel cushions wear off easily. If you opt for this method, you should be aware that you have to replace them every month or so. 

3. Rubber Soles

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Rubber soles are like gel cushions. The only difference is that rubber soles are placed outside at the bottom of your heels

Rubber is known to be the best material for absorbing shocks and impact. Heel noise is a shock. So, rubber soles should reduce these noises to the minimum. 

It’s best to go for heavy-duty rubber. It’s stronger and more durable. 

The only issue with rubber soles is that their adhesive wears out fast. So it’s better to visit a cobbler for a more professional installation. Or, you can just add more glue to make them stick longer.

How to Make Your Heels Quieter Using Other Methods

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a very quick fix to your noisy heel problem and you simply don’t have time to buy any heel caps, gel cushions or rubber caps then here are a few ways you can fix your heels up quickly with things you can find around the house.

1. Using Tape as a Heel Silencer

Everyone has duct tape lying around somewhere. Silencing a heel can be done with duct tape. 

  1. Clean your heels carefully with water then let them dry.
  2. Cut pieces of duct tape that fits your heels, the more the better.
  3. Then stick them one layer after the other. 

This method is temporary and somehow risky. You should be careful walking on smooth surfaces because duct tape is slippery

Another method is using gaffer tape. Since it’s made of fabric, it’s more noise-resistant. It can also resist high temperatures. 

Gaffer tape is a better choice because it won’t cause you to slip, and it’s easier to remove.

2. Using Sandpaper as a Heel Silencer

Heels are often made of rubber. Yet, just because they’re made of rubber doesn’t mean they won’t make any noise. The texture of the rubber may be responsible for a lot of your heel noise.

To fix this problem, you have to be aware that you need to smooth out the texture of your rubber soles.

Rubbing sandpaper will do the trick.

Once the texture is softer, your heels will make significantly less sound.


The click-clacking sound of heels can be distracting, while sometimes that could be considered a good thing it can often be annoying and distracting.

Sometimes heels do need silencing, thankfully there are many methods available to your from heel caps, gel cushions and rubber soles to using gaffer tape and sandpapering down the rubber heel tip.

We hope this advice allows you to continue enjoying wearing your heels without having to create a lot of noise when you’re walking around.

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